Crimes Committed Against Dafa Practitioners at Suzhou Prison in Anhui Province

The Minghui/Clearwisdom website has already reported many times that the Suzhou Prison in Anhui Province brutally persecutes Dafa practitioners. Below is additional information about the ongoing persecution there.

In early January, 2005, under the Prison Transformation Centre's command, Lu Yang, the chief of the Propaganda Office at the First Division of the Suzhou Prison, the team leader and criminal inmates brutally tortured Dafa practitioner Hu Wenkui for several days. Under -10 degree Celsius (14oF) temperature, they opened the windows and used an electric fan to freeze Hu Wenkui, who only wore thin clothes. They hit and kicked him all over his body. They handcuffed one of his hands to the window frame and tied his other hand with ropes. Several criminals pulled the rope and hung up his entire body. Then they started to hit his chest and back. A few criminals held him down in a corner, stretched his legs into a straight line and hit his groin again and again. They also used electric batons to shock his groin for more than thirty minutes. The brutal torture caused his legs to be unable to move for a few months and his whole body was full of burns and blisters. Moreover, Lu Yang also used his heavy shoes to stomp on Hu Wenkui's feet fiercely for a long time, which caused both his feet to swell such that he could not wear shoes. Hu Wenkui fainted three times due to the pain. They also forcibly put Hu Wenkui's feet into boiling water. His left foot had a third-degree deep scald, which caused the heel of his foot to become severely damaged, and his small toe was permanently disabled. His right foot received a second-degree scald and that heel was completely damaged. He could not move either of his feet and they became malformed. After more than a year, Mr. Hu's feet still have not recovered. The prison is afraid that their crimes will be uncovered so they appointed certain people to strictly restrain Hu Wenkui in order not to let this information be known.

According to news from prison, from August 19th-21st, 2005, the Suzhou Prison used the same method to brutally torture Dafa practitioner Li Ning (they used seven electric batons to brutally torture him) and Du Shanwei and others.

News of the persecution has been spread by the Dafa practitioners in the prison using all kinds of methods. Some reports were obtained from practitioners' acquaintances in the hospitals. We call on practitioners and people around the world to pay attention to the crimes happening at the Suzhou Prison and take action to stop the brutal persecution of practitioners at the Suzhou Prison in Anhui Province.

Telephone Numbers:

Feng Jiabao, warden of the Suzhou Prison: 86-577-3061826
Lu Yong, political commissar of the Suzhou Prison: 86-577-3061517
Xia Liangmin, political instructor of the Suzhou Prison: 86-577-3052363
Tang Chuanyou, district chief of the Falun Gong Practitioners "Transformation" Centre: 86-577-3039687, 86-13305576300 (Cell)
Liu Jiazhong, deputy warden of the Suzhou Prison: 86-577-3059980
Huang Qijun, chief of the Sub-District of the Suzhou Prison: 86-577-3043062

Police officers who participated in persecuting Dafa practitioner Ji Huinian:
Zheng Taiping (political instructor, he used an awl and an electric baton to torture Mr. Ji)
Huang Dongchang
Liu Yaping
Li Min: 86-577-3035506 (Home)
Wu Yudong: 86-577-3166811

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