Sujiatun Concentration Camp Shocks and Enrages International Community

On March 8th, a former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intelligence officer revealed to reporters of the Falun Gong website that a large number of Falun Gong practitioners are being held in the secret Sujiatun Concentration Camp in Shenyang City. There are crematoria and on-site doctors who live inside the concentration camp. Human organs are harvested from practitioners and sold on the black market. This stunning revelation immediately shocked and enraged the international community.

State Terrorism Policies Made by Jiang Zemin

Dr. Lai Shantao, spokesman for the Washington, DC Falun Dafa Association said, "Jiang's CCP group has been persecuting Falun Gong for more than six years. Because Falun Gong practitioners refused to submit to CCP brainwashing and they refused to give up their belief, the CCP detained them in the secret Sujiatun Concentration Camp to carry out the state-ordered terrorism policies 'ruin their reputation, bankrupt them and physically annihilate them.' These policies were announced by Jiang Zemin, specifically targeting Falun Gong practitioners in a secret genocide. Falun Gong practitioners have been used as subjects for various experiments and had their organs removed. Afterwards their bodies were cremated."

Terror and Violence Exceed Scope of Imagination

Mr. He, an engineer living in Virginia, said, "My mind went blank for a while after I read this information. The images of 'crematoria' and 'doctors' walking around filled my head and wouldn't go away. People who watched Schindler's List and The Diary of Anne Frank, as well as other films that reveal the inside truth about Nazi concentration camps feel lingering dread evoked by the crematoria, columns of thick smoke rising from giant chimneys, and the 'doctors' engaging in evil medical experiments. When I read how guards at the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp use debased and savage methods to torture Falun Gong practitioners, I thought it is already incredibly sinister; yet unexpectedly, there are crematoria and many live-in doctors at the Sujiatun Concentration Camp - the terror there exceeds the scope of one's imagination."

Mr. He continued, "The CCP claims to serve the people, which here actually means removing and selling people's organs and then sending their bodies to a crematorium. Heaven forbid!"

Ms. Yang, who was once held in a brainwashing centre in Liaoning Province and suffered brainwashing and "transformation", said that although she has been personally experienced the persecution, the atrocities at the Sujiatun Concentration Camp still shock her.

Sinister Acts of the CCP Discovered

The international society has been well aware of and condemned the CCP for illegally harvesting organs from detainees. Some incidents exposed on the Minghui website chronicle Jiang group's abuse and torture of Falun Dafa practitioners, relating that blood-filled holes and surgical incisions are found on the bodies of Falun Gong practitioners who died from torture. Some bodies were dissected blatantly in violation of Chinese laws and without the consent of the practitioners' families. According to inside sources, Falun Gong practitioners who died in police custody had their transplantable organs removed and illegally sold for profit.

In May of 2005, an exhibit titled "The Universe Within" opened at the Masonic Centre in San Francisco. Twenty-one nameless corpses of unknown origin from China were on display. The exhibit caught the public's attention. These bodies were skinned; some had their organs removed; they were put in various poses, and a few sheets of human skin were put up on clothes hangers. It is learnt that each ticket cost U.S. $17.00, and the profits would be sent back to China. According to an ABC reporter in San Francisco, the event organiser said the bodies were purchased from a university in Beijing, but the institute head of the university denied knowledge of the sale when the ABC reporter phoned him. The reporter also questioned employees of Masonic Centre who said they were told not to talk about the source of the bodies and that they should say, "I don't know" if asked.

Falun Gong practitioner Duan Li said, "The CCP is persecuting Falun Gong practitioners on a daily basis, as well as Christians, Tibetans, democracy activists, and appellants. Many people abducted by police had disappeared. Where have they gone? Is it possible that they were part of this display? The profit from this exhibit will be sent back to China; will the CCP not use the money earned from these dead bodies to persecute and murder more innocent people?"

Circumstances of Disappeared Falun Gong Practitioners Worrisome

Many people showed great concern after the existence of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp was exposed. The families of disappeared Falun Gong practitioners are terribly anxious and frightened at the possibility that their beloved ones may be held there.

Dr. Huang Wanqing, a Falun Gong practitioner in the USA said when reading the report he remembered his younger brother Huang Xiong who had disappeared for nearly three years. Huang Xiong lived in Wanan County, Jiangxi Province and started practising Falun Gong in 1996. He was sent to a forced labour camp by CCP special agents and was held there for more than one year. After his release, he lived in exile to avoid further persecution. Police from Jiangxi Province, Shanghai and other parts of China pursued him nationwide. In April 2003, Huang Xiong disappeared after speaking with Huang Wanqing on the phone. Huang Wanqing has not heard from him and does not know his current whereabouts. In the past three years, police officers and National Security Bureau agents in Jiangxi Province harassed, threatened and interrogated Huang Wanqing's family and relatives in China. They also pressured Huang Wanqing through his family, using both threats and false promises.

The publication of The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party on the Epoch Times website triggered a wave of withdrawals from the Party. Officials from Jian City National Security Division in Jiangxi Province went to Huang Wanqing's hometown many times thereafter. While they claimed they were trying to help find Huang Xiong, they actually told Huang Wanqing's family to inform him not to participate in any events related to the Nine Commentaries. Huang Wanqing is deeply worried about the possible atrocities that might befall his brother under the persecution, because he is well aware of the wickedness of the CCP.

Zhang Tianxiao, a Falun Gong practitioner in Chicago, was saddened by the concentration camp report, she cried for a whole day. Zhang Tianxiao's family was severely persecuted in China for practising Falun Gong. On November 3rd, 2000, her 28-year-old brother-in-law Zou Songtao was tortured to death at the Wangcun Forced Labour Camp in Zibo City, Shandong Province. Her sister Zhang Yunhe went to Beijing to appeal against the persecution in 2000; she was arrested and taken back to Qingdao City. In February 2002, Zhang Yunhe was arrested in Qingdao City for the second time, and several other Falun Gong practitioners were arrested along with her. Ms. Zhang Yunhe was held at Dashan Detention Centre in Qingdao City for at least six months and disappeared after her release. She has not been heard from in the past four years. One year ago, Chicago resident Zhang Tianxiao called the Shandong Province "Anti-Cult" Division and enquired about Zhang Yunhe's whereabouts, but she received no response. When Zhang Tianxiao told the official that those who persecuted Zhang Yunhe would be brought to justice, the official viciously cursed her. Zhang Tianxiao could not suppress her anguish and shock at the revelation of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp. She said she couldn't imagine that such inhumane violence exists, and that the CCP carries out such villainous and Nazi-style persecution, which not only brutalises Falun Gong practitioners but also transforms those who execute the persecution into beasts. Zhang Tianxiao said that the word "worry" is not adequate to describe her feeling toward her sister who has disappeared over four years ago. She calls on all people, including Falun Gong practitioners who are persecuted like Zhang Yunhe, to actively resist the evil CCP's persecution instead of enduring passively.

The CCP Marches Itself to the Guillotine

Mr. Sun, who is on official business in the USA from China said after reading the report, "The CCP has really done itself in for doing such a brutal thing."

Mr. Sun said that the CCP's lies and propaganda in the past few years has indeed caused misunderstandings among many Chinese people toward Falun Gong. He works in the IT field and has read many illustrated reports produced overseas; therefore he knows the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong. Many facts were restored and exposed with the publication of The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Many of his friends expressed indignation that the CCP is using such brutal methods in the 21st century to persecute peaceful Falun Gong practitioners.

According to Mr. Sun, the CCP is truly afraid of its crimes being exposed, and high-level CCP officials are really afraid of being sued abroad. Many people currently working within the CCP system only do it for a living. He believes people with conscience and courage will provide more and more evidence [on the crimes of the CCP].

Call for Independent International Investigation

Falun Gong practitioners living abroad who have been persistently exposing the persecution to people in the past six years call for international society to immediately investigate this vicious and systematic crime.

Ms. Tao who lives in Maryland, U.S.A. calls for people of conscience to step forward and expose the facts about the CCP persecution of Falun Gong. We cannot allow this tragedy to continue.

Dr. Lai Shantao, spokesman for the Washington, DC Falun Dafa Association has sent information regarding the Sujiatun Concentration Camp to U.S. State Department officials responsible for China affairs and human rights, as well as to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. He urged them to conduct immediate investigations through all possible channels. He also called on international human rights organisations and the United Nations to conduct an independent investigation and stop the CCP's abuse and murder of Falun Gong practitioners.

Zhang Erping, spokesperson for Falun Gong said that the CCP has carried out genocide in the Sujiatun Concentration Camp that goes beyond the Nazi massacre of Jews. The roughnecks not only savagely murder the practitioners, they also remove and sell their organs, and then they burn the bodies to destroy evidence. The evil nature of these crimes is rare in the history of mankind.

We urgently call on kind-hearted Chinese people and the international community to pay attention and stop this massacre that is now taking place in China. At the same time, we solemnly warn anyone who has participated in this massacre, that the net of heaven is wide but it misses no one. Every murderer will be brought to justice in the imminent future.


1. Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party: Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is a series of essays published in late 2004 that reveal the true nature of the Communist Party. The Nine Commentaries have led millions of people to renounce their membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and come to gain a clearer understanding about the wrongful persecution against Falun Gong. "A book that has shocked all Chinese around the world. A book that is disintegrating the Communist Party."

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