Germany: Practitioners Expose the Persecution of Falun Gong to the People of Mannheim

On January 7th in Mannheim, Falun Gong practitioners told people about the persecution of their spiritual practice by the evil communist regime in China. An information booth was placed prominently in the pedestrian area, opposite a busy farmers market.

Passersby ask about the persecution Practitioners expose the persecution taking place in China to passersby

Many passersby were busy shopping or strolling through the streets. Practitioners were able to distribute a many fliers and found the opportunity to tell many people in person about the persecution and events in China. A number of the passersby showed great interest and signed the petition to show their support for the activities.

After receiving material from one of the practitioners and discussing the persecution, a young woman said: “All that is happening in China is terrible. I belong to a women’s organisation. We meet once a week. Please be assured that I will bring up what I heard from you for discussion during our next meeting.”

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