Clarifying the Truth of Falun Gong to Finnish Politicians

In January Falun Dafa practitioners in Finland contacted all of the members of the Parliament of Finland via e-mail. A personal letter was also written to the President of Finland by a practitioner, and the Prime Minister of Finland was personally handed some materials, which reveal the truth about the persecution of Faun Gong in China, by a practitioner during an official opening ceremony of a new swimming pool in the city of Oulu in northern Finland. The Finnish Members of the European Parliament were contacted earlier last autumn. This means that all Finnish government officials have received information about Falun Dafa. The replies we have got so far have been very positive. We have received letters of support and have been asked what could be done to help with the appeals to bring an end to the cruel situation of Falun Gong practitioners in China.. However, not everyone has replied, so there is a lot more to do to bring the truth about the persecution to the full awareness of the Finnish politicians.

The support is growing, but nothing will happen without hard work from the practitioners themselves in clarifying the truth. It is obvious that most people are against torture and cruel persecution, but the true facts need to be known to clarify the truth about the situation. A good example of this was a short conversation between a practitioner and a well-known Finnish politician who happened to walk by when local practitioners were introducing Falun Dafa at the main pedestrian shopping street in the middle of a major city in Finland in January. This person told the practitioner that she had recently met a very high level government official from China. She was very surprised to find that, up to that point, this warm and kind person turn ice cold and just blankly repeated a certain slanderous term when she, out of personal interest, happened to ask him about the Falun Gong issue. The Finnish politician was very surprised why such a big government would find a spiritual practice a threat. When the practitioner clarified the truth, she understood and warmly expressed her support.

Practitioners in Finland

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