How the Pills and Injections Forced on Me in Detention Had No Effect

Long ago, I was thinking about writing something that I had personally experienced. However, I never got round to it, because I felt unsure about expressing myself correctly. After I read the articles on the Falun Dafa related website,, "Some Thoughts Regarding the Psychotropic Drugs Used to Persecute Practitioners", and "Practitioners with Upright Minds Are Immune from Medical Danger", I thought I should finally share my experiences in writing. First, to expose the evil and frighten the evildoers, and then to let fellow practitioners who have had similar experiences strengthen their righteous thoughts, completely deny the old forces' arrangements, get rid of the shadow of being persecuted as soon as possible, closely follow Master's Fa-rectification process and fulfil our prehistoric vows.

In May of 2004, I was arrested and my house was searched when I was distributing factual materials about Falun Dafa and the persecution. The authorities confiscated all my Falun Dafa books, lectures in both audio and video, some flyers and letters addressed to all the heads of the provincial Communist Party as well as a letter to President Hu. Based on those materials, they treated me a person who is responsible for the local Falun Dafa activities or the person who is responsible for producing Falun Dafa related materials in my area. The local top official personally dealt with my case.

They first sent me to a detention centre and then to a brainwashing class. In the brainwashing class, they forced me to watch evil VCD's that slandered Falun Dafa and it's founder. I did not cooperate and claimed that I had headache and slept with a quilt over my head. I did not think they would use my words against me. They forced me to have an injection and swallow medications. I protested immediately, and told them, "No matter what kind of needle and what kind of drugs you force me to take they will not affect me. If you use a needle, my Master will help me to clean it out. My Master will also clean out the forced medicine. Don't waste your time on me."

They held me down and gave me the injection and the medications by force. The drugs were discharged from my body almost immediately via sweat and urine. They were discharged via all kinds of channels including my feet and palms. I did not feel any discomfort. Seven or eight people tortured me for a week. They forcibly administered drugs by injection and by force-feeding me pills every day. Having seen that the drugs had no effect on me, they said that I had strong resistance to the medication, so they increased the dosage every day.

One time, I heard one of the evildoers say, "She will lose her mind in less than half an hour." I was still fine after half an hour. After a week, they saw that I was still fine and very clear minded. They were afraid themselves. The evil head of the brainwashing class, the "doctor", the department head and the guard never showed up again.

Because the dosage of the drugs was too high, Master's Fashen (Law Body) connected the artery on my neck and pushed the drugs out via the blood vessel and then dropped it into my mouth via my nasal cavity and palate. The pill stayed the same shape when I spat it out but it became softer. I spat four times: the first time, I had neck pain for a whole night. The following morning, I first spat out two mouthfuls of fresh blood, the third mouthful was the pill; on the second time, I immediately spat out the pill without any pain in my neck and a little bit of blood on the pill; the third and fourth time, the pill had no blood at all. I only felt that something slid through the artery in my neck, went into my nasal cavity and then dropped into my mouth via my palate. It was the grey pill that I spit out.

The fourth time was in the Spring Festival in 2005. At that time, I had been out of the evil den for half a year. After I became homeless in order to avoid being illegally arrested at home, I was working in a small restaurant as a result of fellow practitioner's help. The boss of that restaurant and his relatives had all witnessed Falun Dafa's majesty.

"Disciples' righteous thoughts are strong, Master has the power to turn back the tide" (Provisional translation subject to further improvement, "Master-Disciple Grace", Hong Yin II). We should remember Master's teaching all the time. If we firmly believe Master and firmly believe in Falun Dafa, our great and merciful Master will protect us under all conditions.

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