Tears of Regret From an 80-year-old Man

A fellow practitioner’s father is almost 80 years old. Because the practitioner’s father was misled by the Chinese government’s propaganda; he cooperated with the evil persecutors in order to try to force his son to renounce his beliefs while in a labour camp. When his son held fast to the truth and remained unyielding, he almost used a knife to cut off his son’s ears. After his son left the forced labour camp, he went to the camp to praise the guards who were especially vicious. After they returned home, he restricted his son’s freedom. Later, after the practitioner clarified the truth to him, especially after watching the truth-clarifying VCD, he realized his mistakes. At the same time, he also learned some truths and inner meanings of Falun Dafa. He broke down in tears. Expressing that in the future he too would cultivate Falun Dafa, he asked his son for some truth-clarifying materials and decided to step forward to clarify the truth.

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/1/20/17953.html

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