Latvia: Falun Gong Wins an Award at the "Healthy Mind - Healthy Body" Sport Festival

On June the 17th 2005, Latvian Falun Gong practitioners attended the "Healthy Mind - Healthy Body" Sport Festival in Vingrotajiem and were awarded the “positive participation” prize.

The “positive participation” prize

The practitioners introduced Falun Gong to those who joined the festival and demonstrated the five sets of exercises. They also displayed photos depicting the practice of Falun Gong across the world and provided personal accounts and experiences of cultivating in Falun Gong by practitioners for people to read.

Practising the Falun Gong exercises Viewing photos depicting Falun Gong across the world
Collecting signatures to help stop the persecution

People happily accepted all sorts of leaflets and materials related to Falun Gong. The practitioners met the representative of the Latvian Association in the activity which was once persecuted by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, taking the chance to introduce them to the brutal crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party in it's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

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