Ms. Gao Rongrong Tortured to Death

On June 16, 2005, after enduring brutal persecution, Ms. Gao Rongrong, 37, died in intensive care of China Medical University Hospital, located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. According to Clearwisdom website statistics, Ms. Gao Rongrong is the fifty-fourth Falun Dafa practitioner to be tortured to death in Shenyang City. Ms. Gao's body is currently at the Wenguantun Funeral Home in Shenyang City. The persecutors are pressuring her family to cremate her body quickly, in order to destroy all evidence of their crimes.

CCP Defectors Prove the Policy of "Practitioners Who Die While in Detention Will be Counted as Suicides"

During the past six years, the Clearwisdom website has been exposing the Jiang regime's persecution 'policy of "Ruin their reputations, bankrupt them financially, and destroy them physically," and the many death and injury cases resulting from this policy.

A former high ranking official of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) State Security Bureau, who lives in Canberra, Australia, was in hiding, fearing his family members' safety in China, after he decided to defect. On June 9, 2005, he asked his lawyer, Mr. Collaery, to expose the tortures that he personally witnessed within China's State Security system. According to the Australia Associated Press (AAP) report of June 9, this former CCP Official proved that he saw a Falun Dafa practitioner tortured to death inside the police department where he used to work. "He heard brutal beating in progress, ran to stop it, but was told to leave. He had to go back upstairs. His conscience was severely affected by this incident and he couldn't stop thinking about it. He went downstairs, and said ''You must stop.''" Later, he saw that the Falun Dafa practitioner had been beaten to death. "He saw the naked man's head fall down from the chair. His two legs spread apart, and it was obvious that he was dead. He was very shocked having witnessed this incident."

Former Chinese Political Consular Chen Yonglin, who recently defected the Chinese Consulate in Sydney, Australia, said, "Information on Falun Dafa practitioners being tortured to death in China is kept secret, because normally these tortured-to-death practitioners would be labelled "suicides." This kind of information is kept top secret.

Ms. Gao Rongrong's Face Deformed Due to Electric Baton Shocks

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Gao Rongrong, an accountant at the Luxun Fine Arts College in Shenyang City, was abducted by lawless officials in July 2003, and taken to Longshan Forced Labour Camp. On the afternoon of May 7, 2004 at 3:00 p.m., Ms. Gao Rongrong was called to the office by camp Ward Leader Tang Yubao (male) and Jiang Zhaohua (male). These men, shocked her for about seven hours with electric batons. Ms. Gao's face was severely deformed, and covered with blisters. Her burned skin was stuck together with her hair and blood, and her eyes were barely visible due to the intense swelling of her face. Her mouth was severely swollen and the prisoners in the same cell could hardly recognize her when she was returned there. The second and third photos above show her after the blisters dried up and the swelling subsided,. In some places on her face the scars were very thick, indicating the severity of the burns. Many blisters and burned spots overlapped each other due to repeated shocks at the same spot.

On the evening of May 7, 2004, after being shocked for seven hours, Ms. Gao jumped from the second floor police office window, because she could not bear the brutal torture any longer. From the fall she suffered two hip fractures, a broken left leg, and a fractured right heel. The forced labour camp sent her to the Shenyang Army Hospital, and she was later taken to the Shenyang City Police Hospital. On May 18, 2005, her family demanded that, she be transferred to the China Medical University First Hospital. She was, checked into room 0533 on the fifth floor of the hospital, in the orthopedics department. But the doctors could not operate on her at this time because she was too weak.

Before Ms. Gao Rongrong's torture, two other Falun Dafa practitioners, Ms. Wang Xiuyuan and Ms. Wang Hong, were severely tortured at the Longshan Forced Labor Camp, and both died within a few days of being released. u

Ms. Gao Rongrong was Rescued after Being Monitored Five Months in the Hospital

On August 9, 2004, after more than three months of miserable suffering, Ms. Gao Rongrong had blood in her urine, could not eat or drink, could not close her eyes, and was severely emaciated. Doctors said that she was dying, but the Shenyang City Judiciary Department (the Longshan Forced Labour Camp's governing agency) refused to allow her release from the hospital. They said that if her life was in danger, doctors were to save her, but they would not let her go home even if she dies.

During the five months that Ms. Gao Rongrong stayed in room 0533 at the hospital,, she was always closely monitored. The police did not allow her accept telephone calls, and they censored all of her mail. Anyone who wanted to visit her had to receive permission from the Shenyang City Judiciary Department head. No one was allowed to call from room 0533. Items that her family brought to her had to be checked by the police.

On October 5, 2004, a group of many Falun Dafa practitioners miraculously rescued Ms. Gao Rongrong from the hospital, and exposed her photos to the world. This, severely shocked and frightened the evildoers.

Luo Gan Personally Organised the Persecution Plan

The police officials ignored criminals who were incited by guards to torture Ms. Gao Rongrong. They, called Ms. Gao's escape the "Number 26 Case,." At this point the 610 Office (1) system head Luo Gan personally took charge of the continued persecution plan. Instructed by Luo Gan, the Liaoning Province CCP Political Judiciary Committee, the Procuratorate, the Department of Justice, and the Police Department were combined together to conceal information about Ms. Gao Rongrong's case. Those practitioners thought to have been involved in Ms. Gao's rescue were rounded up and, cruelly tortured. One person in the judiciary system said, "Luo Gan gave the order. He said that this matter (Ms. Gao's cruel torture case being exposed) has too much international impact. We must handle it carefully now (indicating that further persecution would be carried out secretly)."

Ever since then, the Shenyang City Police Department, State Security Division has been using all their resources in tapping into phone lines, and monitoring, detecting, and following local Falun Dafa practitioners. Mr. Feng Gang and the group of Falun Dafa practitioners who helped rescue Ms. Gao Rongrong were arrested and detained in a brainwashing class held at the Zhangshi Forced Labour Camp in Shenyang City. It was learned that Mr. Feng Gang was checked into Masanjia Hospital after holding a thirteen day hunger strike. His current situation is under investigation. Another practitioner who joined the rescue effort, Mr. Sun Shiyou, was also arrested. Officers at the Tiexi Criminal Police Division brutal beat him, and shocked his private parts with electric batons. They shouted, "Injuries from shocking you in other places can be seen (such as Ms. Gao's face), so we are shocking your private parts!" They also poked inch-long needles under his finger nails. Mr. Sun's mother-in-law, his wife, and his sister-in-law are also currently detained in the brainwashing class at Zhangshi Forced Labour Camp.

Ms. Gao Rongrong Arrested Again and Dies of Weakness

From March 6-9, 2005, Ms. Gao Rongrong was missing after apparently being arrested again. We learned that she was arrested on March 6, 2005. Ms. Gao held hunger strikes since that time to protest the persecution. On June 6, she was taken from Masanjia Forced Labour Camp to the Medical University Hospital.

On June 10, 2005, Ms. Gao Rongrong's parents went to Masanjia Forced Labour Camp to request her release. Director Wang (male, previously head of the Management Office) did not tell her parents that she had been taken to the hospital, but said to them, "We never wanted to accept her to begin with. Higher authorities forced us. It is up to the higher authorities to decide whether you are allowed to visit her or if she is to be released,."

On June 12, 2005, Ms. Gao Rongrong's parents finally received notice that they could visit her in the hospital. They rushed to the hospital, but by the time they arrived there, Ms. Gao had already passed out, her organs were atrophying, and she was breathing through a machine. She was only skin and bones at this point. The doctors told them, "She arrived in severe condition." A guard from the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp said, "She could talk when she arrived here."

Witnesses said that there were many strangers watching each door and gate of the hospital. The many plainclothes security and uniformed officers asked each other frequently, "When will she die?" The Masanjia Forced Labour Camp officials refused to give her proper medicine. Only at the request of her family did the doctor increase her nutritional supply feeding.

On June 16, 2005, Ms. Gao Rongrong died in intensive care of Medical University Hospital, at the age of only 37 years. Her death is another bloody debt that Jiang Zemin and his regime owe Falun Dafa practitioners.

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