Liver Cancer Cured without Treatment

I am fifty-seven years old and I began practising Falun Dafa in November of 1998. When the suppression on Falun Gong started on July 20th, 1999, I stopped practising because of fear. As a result, I picked up all the bad habits I had before practising Falun Gong, such as smoking, drinking and playing mahjong. My blood pressure was high again, and my health worsened.

In mid October of 2004, I felt a sudden pain in my chest. After a check-up, I was diagnosed with pleurisy. I then received treatments for five days, but my condition worsened the more they treated me. I decided to go to the Jilin City Centre Hospital. After hospitalisation, I was diagnosed with pleurisy as well, and water accumulated in my chest. After an examination with colour ultrasound and CT scans, the doctors discovered that I had liver cancer and gallstones. The doctors told my family about my illness. My family was very depressed and miserable, but they did not tell me about my illness.

The next day, my wife said to me, let's leave the hospital and go home to have injections and medications. Upon returning home, my wife bought me Chinese medicine, but I refused to take it. Only then did my wife tell me about my illness. She said, "You have liver cancer, and not even a hospital can treat you."

I said to my wife, "I have no other choices now. Because I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, only Teacher can save me and give me a second life." I asked my wife to inform other practitioners that I would continue to study the Falun Gong teachings and practise the exercises. Practitioners were very pleased to hear this. They said to me, "If your body is still weak, you can just practise at home." After studying the Falun Going teachings that night, I did the sitting meditation. The next morning, I did the standing exercises. When I was holding the wheel over my head, my seven-year old grandson said to his grandma, "Look. Grandpa can't take it any more. He is sweating all over his face." But I continued and finished the standing meditation. Since that day, I was no longer sick.

Since I restarted practising, I have never taken any medicine or medical injections. My health returned and no trace of sickness could be seen. My complexion turned from dark and yellowish, to rosy and fair. I weighed only 114 kilos (250 lbs) during hospitalisation. But my weight increased to 122 kilos (268 lbs) in one month. Now I feel light and energetic when I walk. Many people said to me, "The hospitals must've misdiagnosed you." I told them, "The two hospitals I visited both diagnosed me with cancer. There was no mistake. I am so healthy now because I practise Falun Gong. Teacher's Law is truly miraculous."

It has been three years since my father started studying Falun Gong books. All of his silver hair turned black again. All of my neighbours and relatives witnessed the magnificent power of Falun Gong through my father.

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