Ukraine: The People of Ukraine welcome “The Journey of Compassion” Painting Exhibition

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Through their collective efforts, Ukrainian Falun Gong practitioners were able to hold a painting exhibition entitled “The Journey of Compassion”. This exhibition displayed copies of internationally-acclaimed artist and Faljun Gong practitioner Zhang Cuiying’s paintings, pictures of Falun Gong spreading throughout the world and other practitioners’ works of art. Practitioners also gave out lots of invitations, held a “Petals of Peace” activity during the exhibition, held a nine-day lecture seminar for both new and veteran practitioners to watch Master Li’s lecture series and collected petition signatures calling for an end to the persecution.

Through this activity, many people who got to know the truth signed a petition to support the practitioners and to condemn the persecution happening in China. Many people were very interested in the folded paper lotus flowers which practitioners made. Both adults and children wanted to learn to make the lotus flowers themselves and went to the Petals of Peace activity.

During the exhibition, practitioners overcame hardships and introduced the paintings to the exhibition audience. Plenty of people came to hear about Falun Dafa.

A poster to promote the exhibition The front of the exhibition centre A practitioner doing setting up and preparation work
People enjoyed viewing the exhibition
Practitioners explaining Zhang Cuiying’s paintingsPeople enthusiastically learned to fold paper lotus flowers
Signing the petition to oppose the persecution Watching tapes of Master’s lectures Practitioners teaching the Falun Gong exercises

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