We Urgently Need to Improve the Whole Body in Order to Change the State of "Busy-ness"

I have understood from sharing on the Internet that the practitioners overseas are very busy on specific projects and practitioners in China are very busy working to produce factual materials about Falun Dafa. They hardly have time for studying the Falun Gong teachings, resting, etc. The practitioners working on the material production sites that I have contact with are also in a state of "being too busy." I realise that we urgently need to improve the whole body in order to change the state of "busy-ness."

Initially, when we started to form material production sites in mainland China, only a few practitioners wanted to validate Dafa. A few of them realised that many practitioners were unable to obtain and read Master's articles. They got together on their own initiative and started the material production sites. When more and more practitioners stepped forward to validate Dafa, the workload of the practitioners on the material production sites became increasingly heavier.

According to reports on the Internet, in contributing to a specific project, the Falun Dafa practitioners living outside of China often pay attention only to how much of a role a project plays in the overall Fa rectification. When thinking from this angle, we often care about how to validate Dafa, how to do better, how to cooperate better so that we can play an important role in the overall Fa rectification. However, thinking from a larger angle, we have neglected how the overall whole body can validate Dafa.

One of the characteristics of our cultivation is that we start with all the energy channels connected. We do not take the form of having one channel lead one hundred channels. Our overseas practitioners who work on specific projects or mainland practitioners on the material production sites only pay attention to how we validate the Fa (<>universal law, the teachings in Falun Dafa) more, and how to do better to expose the evil and to save the people. We have not or seldom give thought to how to help more practitioners step forward to validate the Fa, expose the evil, and save people.

I believe having the material production sites everywhere in Mainland China is not just to reduce the workload of the material production sites and the damage that the evil can create. This is a secondary effect. More importantly, we need more practitioners to work together in validating Dafa and saving people. In the mean time, everybody should be able to play the role that he or she is supposed to play.

However, many practitioners at the material production sites and the coordinators have not realised this. As a result, they have taken the form of having material production sites everywhere, but they are still relatively few in number and centrally located, rather than many in number and located everywhere. This has made them even busier.

I remember that Master mentioned that besides doing well in one's own cultivation, it is important for the assistants to help create a cultivation environment. The practitioners on the material production sites and the coordinators should pay attention to having practitioners validate the Fa as a whole on the overall scale, and help more practitioners actively participate in validating the Fa. This is our responsibility. No matter how well we do as individuals, it is just a portion of what we are supposed to do.

We will have improved as a whole body when the material production sites and the coordinators pay attention to having more practitioners genuinely and proactively participate in validating the Fa. We need to help others break through their passive mentality of waiting and depending on others, and instead actively participate in validating the Fa on their own initiative. This is one way we can step beyond the state of perpetual "busy-ness."

The above is only my personal understanding. Please correct me if there is anything wrong so that we can improve together.

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