Inhuman Actions of the Violent Police

Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province
On December 11, as three practitioners were clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa to people, three policemen arrested them and took them to the Nangang Police Station by force. Because the three practitioners did not cooperate with the police while under torture and did not accept the charges against them, they suffered severe persecution. The director of the police station, Zhang Deli, forcefully slapped a practitioner's face six or seven times, grasping her hair to slam her head against the wall. He viciously struck the practitioner's forehead, causing serious bruising, headache and breathing difficulties, to the extent that the practitioner could not fall asleep for several nights.

Another practitioner tried to reason with the police when she was arrested, insisting that the police produce a legal arrest warrant and show it to her. The police said, "We can arrest you if we want. We can throw you into jail if we want. We can do it based on your attitude."

Policeman Zhang Deli pulled practitioners' hair and choked them when making his arrests. After arriving in the police station with a practitioner, he grasped her hair and pushed her against the wall, ordering her to slander the Teacher. When this practitioner refused, the police pushed her to the ground, stepped on her lower back. Only when the practitioner said, "If you treat me this way, your life will be eliminated," did the policeman stop. Later they forced her onto a "tiger bench" (a torture instrument, for detailed description, see and illegally interrogated her for three hours. Finally the police extorted 500 Yuan [average monthly salary in urban area of China is 500 Yuan] from the practitioner's husband before they released her.


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