"Journey of Falun Dafa" Photo Exhibition in the City of Irevsk, Russia

By a Russian Falun Dafa practitioner

We held a four-day photo exhibition called the "Journey of Falun Dafa" from December 8th to 11th in Irevsk, an industrial city in Russia. During the photo exhibition we held a press conference. Some media reporters participated and took a tour of the photo exhibition. Things went smoothly and successfully.

In the hall of the exhibition there were over 120 photos. Two TV's continuously played Falun Dafa and truth-telling videos, while Falun Dafa music was reverberating in the hall. The following are some of the situations I encountered:

(1) The staff at the technology innovation centre who provided the space for us were our first batch of visitors. They had also organized the students of the centre to visit. Previously, the exhibition was for three days. But the number of visitors was gradually increasing, so we requested one more day for the exhibition. On the fourth day there was a research conference at the centre with over 200 participants, and thus we had the most visitors on the fourth day.

(2) On the first morning of the exhibition, an elderly lady said she enjoyed listening to Dafa music. When seeing the photo of the evil forces destroying Dafa books, tapes and videos, the elderly lady said, "Sinful, sinful," and hugged Dafa practitioners in tears. She said, "You are righteous, you will definitely be victorious!"

(3) On the second day, a man wanted to talk with us. He had read Dafa books before, but he thought he had too much sin and karma, and that he was unable to be saved, so he felt very sad. We opened Zhuan Falun, and studied the Fa[principles of Falun Gong] together with him. Dafa had solved his puzzle. He gladly left. He again visited the exhibition on the third day. During the exhibition, many people had their own questions. After visiting and exchanging, many of them found satisfactory answers, and said they wanted to cultivate.

(4) A photo exhibition is also a good chance for Dafa practitioners to improve. Local practitioners who could squeeze in some time were all there. Those who could not get time off during the day were at the exhibition during after-hours. Practitioners actively introduced the photos to visitors, collectively performed the exercises in the hall, and distributed materials to the pedestrians on the street.

Before the exhibition, practitioners studied the Fa together and did the righteous thoughts meditation. After a day at the exhibition, we got together to study the Fa and exchange experiences. One practitioner said that the photos are just still pictures by themselves, and that we must actively explain and introduce the pictures, and treat every visitor with a great benevolent heart. Another practitioner said that when distributing materials on the street we must invite people to visit our exhibition. Through experience sharing, practitioners all showed initiative, not waiting and depending on others, but actively inviting friends, relatives and neighbours to visit the exhibition. Consequently, the number of visitors grew each day.


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