Ten Methods of Terror Used for Torturing Falun Dafa Practitioners

The Fushun City Labour Camp is in Wujiapu of Dongzhou District. In order to mentally and physically torture the compassionate Falun Dafa practitioners, the unjust local officials set up a so-called "Fushun Ideology Education Workshop." They used hypocritical and deceitful slogans to cover up what is actually a "brainwashing class" that infringes on citizens' freedom of belief.
I was tortured inhumanely in the class. Now I'm disclosing the truth to the world. Inhumane is the most appropriate description for what was done to me.

(1) Stabbing fingers with needles: First one's arms and legs are tied down, then they are pressed down, then one's fingers are stabbed with needles.

(2) Not being allowed to rest or sleep: This is the most "peaceful" among all the forms of persecution. One sits or stands facing the wall or is hung. No movement is allowed. If one moves, one will be cuffed and kicked by the thugs on duty from the labour camp. Some practitioners were tortured for six days and six nights without being allowed to sleep.

(3) Electric baton: This is "routine" and "legal" and is something in no need of explanation. We were treated with an electric baton more frequently than we were treated with a meal, sometimes until the battery in the baton ran out.

(4) Malicious beatings (cuffs and kicks): This could occur at any time. If the police team leaders got tired, they then ordered, threatened, encouraged, or forced the prisoners to beat practitioners. If we're injured, we can recover; if we're disabled, we have to be responsible for ourselves; if we're beaten to death, that's suicide. Even the weak old woman who had fasted for many days was not exempt.

(5) Confinement: No procedure was followed or reason given. If you don't "regret," (practising Falun Dafa) then you are confined forever. The confinement cell was a little over two metres long, and around one metre wide. The person's body was fixed to an iron ring in a corner of the cell and also to the highest point on the cell's iron door. In this way, the person could neither stand straight nor sit. Sometimes the person is even hung up. One time, a female practitioner was hung like this for seven days and seven nights and her legs became seriously swollen and lost all feeling. In the end, instead of walking out by herself, she was carried out.

(6) "Riding an Aeroplane" - a painful torture method where one's hands are bent back while one lays on the floor: Some practitioners suffered this kind of torture and it caused both of their legs to become disabled and completely lose feeling. Now it has been half a year, and they still haven't recovered or regained the ability to walk independently.

(7) Practising boxing: Using Falun Dafa practitioners as dummies for practising "straight and extended cuffs" with boxing gloves on. This is very cruel and inhuman treatment.

(8) Violent conversation: "Tear the soft ones [practitioners who are easily transformed], crush the hard ones. Combine the soft and hard ways [the methods of torture used on both steadfast practitioners and ones who are not]." This was written in secret government files. The practitioner who was sent to "talk" usually went at dinnertime and came back at breakfast time. Right after breakfast and without a rest, the practitioner was dragged away to "talk" again. This is an endless cycle and the thugs never stop without reaching their goal. When some practitioners came back, their faces looked yellow and they couldn't even open their eyes. Their faces were swollen and their noses were bloody, and they walked in with crippled legs. This is the most common means of "Education and Correction."

(9) Life imprisonment and financial persecution: For some practitioners, the evil has no excuse to illegally send them to a labour camp. So instead, they send them to a brainwashing school and the treatment there is exactly like a labour camp, but it has two unique features: (1) There is no term. The practitioners will never be released without writing "three statements"(statements denouncing Falun Gong). This is equivalent to life imprisonment. (2) Extortion of practitioners' money in the form of brainwashing fees. Besides taking money, they also take practitioners' houses and land. This puts a large amount of pressure on the practitioners who have financial difficulties. Some practitioners who have been illegally sent to labour camps were transferred to "forced transformation" if they didn't compromise when their terms at the labour camps were over.

(10) Using collaborators (People who once claimed to practise Falun Dafa but now denounce it): Collaborator's use distorted thinking to attack Falun Dafa practitioners mentally [they use distorted logic to attempt to “reform” practitioners]. If there's no effect, then cruel beatings, cursing, and long periods of physical punishment will be used. I would not even dare to believe this had I not experienced and witnessed it myself. In China, in Liaoning Province, in Fushun City, in Liaoning Province Labour Camp, human rights and people's humanity are destroyed and trodden upon in these ways.

We Fushun Falun Dafa practitioners appeal to all the compassionate people in the world: please be concerned about the Falun Dafa practitioners who are illegally detained, and inhumanely tortured in the Fushun Labour Camp, and please help stop Jiang Zemin's regime's persecution of them.

Appendix: The vicious policemen persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners in the Fushun Labour Camp

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