Lawyer Nearly Sent to a Forced Labour Camp for Defending a Falun Gong Practitioner

Mr. Wei Jun, a lawyer from the Baicheng Law Firm who defended Dafa practitioner Ms. Liang Changying in April 2003, barely escaped his own persecution by the police. Ms. Liang used to be a faculty member at a Chinese Party School in the district of Youjiang, Baise City, Guangxi Province, and she exposed the persecution of Falun Gong on the Internet. The police tortured Ms. Liang and sentenced her to five and a half years in prison. [see: for a detailed report].

Attorney Wei defended Ms. Liang Changying, who pleaded not guilty at the Second Criminal Court of Youjiang District Court. According to sources within the judicial system, Mr. Wei argued his case based on facts and provided a powerful defence against the public prosecutor's charges. In their closing arguments, the public prosecutor could not find anything to rebut and became very upset. When the court adjourned, the public prosecutor asked his staff, "Isn't there a regulation saying that lawyers cannot defend Falun Gong practitioners who plead not guilty? Who authorised that lawyer to defend the Falun Gong practitioner?" That same day, Attorney Wei's home phone, cell phone and office phone were monitored. After a few days, the police went to the Judiciary Bureau and asked the bureau to suspend his license to practise law and sentence him to three years of forced labour reform. The person in charge at the Judiciary Bureau was strongly against this request and would not cooperate with them. The police then told them that Mr. Wei cannot defend any Falun Gong practitioner in the future and had him turn in all the materials regarding the case of Ms. Liang. Later on the court, ignoring the facts presented during the trial, handed down a guilty verdict for Liang Changying.

Followings are telephone numbers of departments involved in this case:

Country code: 86, city code: 776.
The Baise City Political and Judiciary Committee: 2824362

The Secretary's office: 2825447
The General Administrative office: 2852190
The Youjiang District Political and Judiciary Committee: 2853029

The Baise City Judiciary Bureau

The "148" Control Centre: 2840148
General Office: 2822776
Legal Declaration Section: 2825686
Public Management Section: 2833307
Basic Units Section: 2833304
Labour Section: 2852556
Legal Administrative Section: 2830557
Executive Section: 2833310, 2851977
Political office: 2833309
Duty office: 2824606

The Youjiang District Judiciary Bureau

General Office: 2824616
Director's Office: 2843461
Vice Director's Office: 2834708
The "148" service hotline: 2850148

The Baise City Public Security Bureaus

General Office: 2824811
Leave/Enter Country Administrative Section: 2826019
Legal Section: 2828997
Housing Section: 2821363
Computer Monitoring Section: 2830240
Discipline Commission: 2836245
Procuratorate Section: 284251
Audit Section: 2847255
Communications Section: 2824391
Executive Section: 2830224
Advertising Section: 2847252
Political Security Section: 2821276
Political Office 2824293
Duty Office: 2824227
Criminal Investigation Crew: 2823506
Economic Crime Investigation Crew: 282283
Drug Abuse Investigation Crew: 2824987
Supervising and Inspection Crew: 2855195
Public Safety Crew: 2822722
The Baise City First Detention Centre: 2771998
The Baise City Second Detention Centre: 2824433
The Youjiang District Public Security Sub-Bureau
The "110" Control Centre: 2831789
General Office: 2832482
Director's Office: 2830502
Office for the Director's Assistants and Inspectors: 2839008
Vice Director's Office: 2840705
Political Commission Office: 2839008
Assistant Political Commission Office: 2830099
Finance Office: 2830254
Discipline Inspection: 2839090
Monitoring Office: 2825181
Legal Section: 2824102
Housing Section: 2839696
Communication Section: 2824926
External Administrative Section: 2833432
Executive Section: 2830491
Political Security Section: 2830443
Duty Office: 2855282
Patrol Crew: 2824276
Drug Crew: 2824979
The Buddhist Book Security Crew: 2833899
Dongsun Police Station: 2811757
Gonglu Police Station: 2829051
Drug Rehabilitation Police Station: 2824448
Drug rehabilitation and Detention Centre: 2825063
Longwang Police Station: 2995012
Shuishang Police Station: 2820006
Xiangyang Police Station: 2824797
Xinxing Police Station: 2824359
Criminal Investigation Brigade and Squadron: 2824526
Criminal Investigation and Release Middle Team: 2840446
Criminal Investigation Authority and Techniques Office: 2839654
Criminal Investigation Detection New Team: 2838411
Public Safety Team: 2837116
The Baicheng Law Firm: 2845533, 2826989, 2826011, 2852878

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