Swedish News Agency Interview with Westerners Who Went to Tiananmen Square

Gothenburg, TT [Swedish News Agency]

By Hanna Bergviken/TT


At a press conference in Gothenburg on Thursday Roland Odar, Pirjo Svensson, Yvonne Kleberg and Martin Larsson recounted the events on Tuesday in Tiananmen Square.

They make a tired but determined front, the experiences have left lasting impressions.

”After the police arrested me they assaulted me and trampled on my head,” says Roland Odar. ”It was worse than a horror movie. It was then I realised how it can happen."


…One has high hopes that police interventions in Tiananmen Square are going to raise the attention in the mass media as well as on the political plane.

”We want to talk to politicians who are involved in the work with human rights, and make them raise this question,” says Yvonne Kleberg.

Furthermore, she thinks that it will now be easier to focus on the question, as Western practitioners have been affected.

The four-Falun Gong adherents are resolute when they tell about the events during and after the arrests.
And the conclusion remains:

”We wouldn’t hesitate doing it again.”

According to the Falun Gong movement about 300 adherents have been jailed, tortured and killed in China.

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