Painting: “A Righteous God” and “Cleaning Out”

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The artist Ms Zhang Cuiying is an internationally acclaimed Chinese artist living in Australia. From an early age, Ms. Zhang was nurtured and taught by well-known Chinese masters, in the respected discipline of traditional Chinese brush painting. Her works have been extensively published throughout China. One of many honors includes the Asia-Pacific Gold Medal for Chinese Calligraphy and Painting.

Ms. Zhang is an Australia Citizen, and has been a tireless ambassador for human rights, since the conclusion of her eight-month long experience of torture and incarceration in Chinese prisons, for peacefully appealing the communist regime's persecution of Falun Gong.

Writing on the Top:

A Righteous God

With righteous thoughts and righteous actions
He is diligent without letting up
Eliminating demons that damage the Fa
He is good to all beings

Cleaning Out

The dark clouds have passed
yet the winds remain fierce
And though the Red Dragon is slain
humans are still in delusion
For where there is Evil
there is dark, dense haze
Dafa disciples
hold the palm erect
eliminate the remaining Evil
summon righteous thoughts
clarify the truth
rescue the sentient beings
thoroughly annihilate the Evil
and sweep the entire cosmos clean

Transcribed from Teacher’s two new poems

Writing on the Left:

Painted by
Chu Mei-Niang, a Taiwanese Falun Dafa Disciple
With utmost respect
In May 2003
Chu Mei-Niang’s signature stamp

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