Illnesses I Suffered for 20 Years Disappear in Just Half a Month of Practising Falun Gong

In 1997, I was told by the hospital that I had a thyroid tumour. The doctor said that because the tumour was close to my nerves, it would be difficult to perform an operation, so we could only try to treat it as it was. I became very upset when I heard the news, and because of this mental pressure, my heart disease also worsened. I felt helpless and without hope. I felt like if I closed my eyes I would not be able to wake up again. I had to force myself to remain alert no matter how weak I felt. My legs and back were in great pain.

When I gave birth to my son 20 years ago, I began to suffer from back pain. It was even difficult to turn my back, and sometimes I could not even sleep due to the pain in my legs. At the same time, I also suffered from hepatitis, which had become chronic because it had not been treated early, so I had difficulty eating. I also suffered from bone spurs, gastritis, a breast tumour, and other ailments. I tried to see many different doctors and tried many healing methods in order to relieve some pain, but none of the treatments were effective. I had completely lost hope.

It was at that time when I obtained the Fa. When I opened up Zhuan Falun, every sentence appealed to me. I cried while I read the book. I wondered why I had come to know this book so late, why I didn't read it earlier. I then read it even more attentively, and at the same time I started to practice the exercises according to pictures in the book.

The only thought I had was to quickly read the book more and learn the exercises. Half a month went by quickly and I learned how to do the exercises. Then I suddenly remembered about my tumour. I touched it to see how big it was, but it was no longer there. It had disappeared mysteriously. All of the other illnesses that I had, such as heart disease, also disappeared. All of the illnesses that had plagued me over the past 20 years were gone in only half a month of practice. Now, my body felt light and I was set free from pain and agony. I cannot use any words to describe my feelings of joy, excitement, and gratitude to wards Master. Since then I have never been hospitalised again nor have I needed any medication. I have saved a lot of medical expenses for our country. This is the true story of how Falun Dafa has given me a second life.

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