Delegates at Human Rights Convention in Lyons Express Support for Falun Gong

On February the 21st 2004, French Falun Gong practitioners attended a human rights conference held in the course of the Green Goods Exhibition in Lyons. Amnesty International, The Anti-Torture Organisation and the Tibet Association attended this conference.

The conference delegates expressed concerns on the issue of human rights in China, particularly in relation to Falun Gong. Many of them knew what happened during the Chinese New Year in Paris after hearing about it on the TV or radio. Due to lies and pressure created by Jiang’s regime, French policemen had treated Falun Gong practitioners in a manner which violated human rights and opposed the founding principles of the French nation. The conference delegates were astonished and indignant about this and felt that this should never have happened in France because France is a country where freedom, democracy and human rights are safeguarded and enshrined.

The delegates thought that this issue must be treated seriously, and expressed that concrete support and help must be given to the Falun Gong human rights issue.

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