Explaining the Facts through Telephone Calls and Rescuing Fellow Practitioners in Mainland China

Dafa practitioner Wu Kexue from Wuhan was kidnapped in Shenzhen in November this year and we still haven’t heard of his whereabouts up until now. Today I made a phone call to the police office in Shenzhen (+86 755 84464050) and a Chinese man picked up the phone. Our conversation was as follows:

Me: Hello, is that the police office in Shenzhen?

Man: Yes.

Me: We are looking for someone called Wu Kexue, I heard he has been kidnapped by Nantou police station of Shenzhen Nanshan police substation and we didn’t know of his whereabouts until now. He is from Hubei Province and his parents in Hubei are appealing for help to find their son.

Man: How do you know this?

Me: I am in England, what happened to him has been reported on the Chinese Media here and in the report, it was also mentioned that relatives and friends of Wu Kexue have seen his name on a registration list of the first detention centre of Shenzhen Nanshan substation. There are some other Chinese people from Hubei Province here in England and everyone is quite concerned about his case.

Man: Did they mention the reason for arresting him?

Me: It was mentioned it was because he practises Falun Gong.

Man: Then I don’t know. You are in England, you can ask the Chinese Consulate to find out more.

Me: The Chinese Consulate here just avoids this topic when you mention Falun Gong. Many Falun Gong practitioners come to the Consulate day and night every day to do the exercises, hand out leaflets and display banners in order to stop the persecution. More and more people are giving support to Falun Gong and many western people also practise it. Some staff from the Consulate say words to satisfy the government on the surface but say Falun Gong is good privately.

Man: (listening all along) We are the same actually, we have to follow the government. You should try again to speak with the Chinese Consulate and get some information through them.

Me: Thank you. Please help me to pass on something to the first detention centre if there is any chance, just say relatives of Wu Kexue and overseas Chinese are all appealing for the release of Wu Kexue! Thank you.

Man: You are welcome.

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