A Collection of Sojourns

Sojourn 1:

The shrouded figure walks in a haze of cold gloom, wandering, following the heart as a compass through a twilight world of horrors. Buffeted by the Banshees wailing wind, discovering comfort in the forbearance of the icy bite of winter’s gale that freezes every single bone.

Pausing to ponder his reflection in an ice-covered pond, perplexed by the frost blue eyes of a stranger he somehow recalls knowing well. In that moment, a howl from the fierce storm echoes his inner voice, reminding him of the unidentifiable hunger driving the intrepid quest.

Shedding freezing tears, the bittersweet suffering of an everlasting journey, turning once again upon the path, time waiting for no one. Driven by the inner knowledge of countless lifetimes: the Master is waiting.

Sojourn 2:

Treading the path of unknown directions. Numerous illusions weaving the tapestry of daily life. Not knowing where to turn, only the heart compass hears a far off call.

A glimpse of the unknown Master, perplexed by feelings of familiarity. The great tribulation, as distant as another world; as near as ones own skin. Unable to awaken in the maze, knowing only that there is a higher purpose. The only recourse, to continue down the path.

Hardships falling in waves, dream beyond dream, maze beyond maze. Innumerable distractions, terrors beyond words. Evil paths abound, charlatans, and deceivers; no one knows the true way. The only wish; to benefit others, not knowing how.

How many times have I heard the call? The Master is waiting.

Sojourn 3:

Through dense clouds of haze, heart compass leading, the path ever more obscure. Ten evils poisoning the chaotic earth, lured temptations, obscenities filling darkening sky.

Familiar stranger, the predestined chance, illusions crafting seemingly commonplace, everyday encounter. Destiny leading unwitting traveler, the task of countless ages to come.

Surmounting numerous obstructions, weary sojourner, traversing untold incarnations, one voyage ending, the greatest; beginning. Amidst dazzling wonders, truth of the entire heavens discovered. Most wondrous, greatest profound joy; the Master is found!

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