Media report on China’s New Excuse to Persecute Falun Gong in the Wake of September 11th

[excerpts from European and International newspapers]

The Sunday Telegraph [UK]:

“Both sides had their bottom lines. China was happy to co-operate with the US as long as it felt that Washington was not backtracking on Taiwan. America, for its part, still reserves the right to criticise China should the international campaign against terror be used as an excuse for harsher repression of the Muslim Uighurs of China's north-west, the Tibetans and even the Falun Gong spiritual group.”

The Times of London [UK]:

“The Chinese Government has sought to apply the terrorism tag to Tibetans and Muslim Uighurs opposed to Beijing's sovereignty, Taiwanese who favour independence, and members of the Falun Gong [group]. The Foreign Ministry took the demonisation of Falun Gong a step further yesterday when it accused the [group] of sending anthrax-tainted letters to US companies.”

The Asian Wall Street Journal:
October 21, 2001

“Would China ever attempt to frame dissenters as terrorists in order to justify a brutal assault?
…this past week, the Chinese Foreign Ministry claimed that a letter containing "suspicious substances" wrapped in Falun Gong "propaganda" was mailed to the Chinese office of an American company. Even if the substance doesn't turn out to be dangerous, the incident looks like a clumsy effort by somebody to defame the outlawed spiritual group.”

AWSJ(10/22) Editorial: Shadow Summitry

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