Fully Aware of the Benefits of Falun Gong, Juntun Rural Area Government Continues to Commit Terrible Crimes against Practitioners

[Xindu County, Sichuan Province]

October 6, 2001

Since July 22, 1999, Juntun Rural Area Government in Xindu County, Sichuan Province, has been closely following Jiang Zemin regime's persecution of Falun Gong. They held many meetings to ascertain the real situations of every Falun Gong practitioner in the area. The local police station dispatched their entire force to investigate each village within their jurisdiction. The investigative report found a total of 154 Falun Gong practitioners in this area. Six of them were found to be Party members. Housewives accounted for 90%, and more than 75% of the practitioners surveyed used to have illnesses and are now fully recovered since they have practised Falun Gong. The results of this investigation brought strong repercussions to society, as more people realized Falun Dafa was good. However, Juntun Rural Area Government still tries to force all Falun Gong practitioners to write a "promise statement" to give up Falun Gong, otherwise the area government will not release them.

From December 27, 2000 to January 4, 2001, Juntun Rural Area Government used contemptible means to arrest Falun Gong practitioners. The government officials forced family members of those Falun Dafa practitioners who had previously been forced to leave their homes, to take them back. If the family members refused to do so, they would be beaten.

On December 29, 2000, at 8 p.m., the local police station caught one Falun Dafa practitioner at the first community of Nanfeng Village. When they passed by local resident Diao's house, Diao Bingxing murmured, "Good people are arrested, while bad people are at large." Because of this one sentence, they took Diao to the local police station and interrogated him all night.

On January 4, 2001, five Falun Dafa practitioners (Wen Xianzhen, Liu Mingzhen, Mao Huixiu, Huang Jiliang, and Liu Yunyou) were taken back from Hebei Province. Juntun Rural Area XX Party Committee chair, Liu Xinglu, organized the government officials to humiliate them by hanging a name board on each of their necks, and parading them through the village streets. After that, the police detained them in Xindu Detention Centre. Falun Dafa practitioner Mao Huixiu was then illegally sentenced to one year's imprisonment; Huang Jiliang and Liu Yunyou were detained five times, up to half a year.

In April 2001, Juntun Rural Area Government took more than ten Falun Dafa practitioners to the Rural Area Government's dining hall, and forced Falun Dafa practitioners to abandon their practice. The officials hired a group of thugs to coerce Falun Dafa practitioners to give up their beliefs. Meanwhile, they also pressured Falun Dafa practitioners' family members, forcing mothers to beat daughters or daughters to beat mothers. They even forced Falun Dafa practitioners to eat human excrement.

On June 29, 2001, Juntun Rural Area local police station ransacked all the key practitioners' houses in the area. When they found the book Zhuan Falun, and Teacher Li's articles in Falun Dafa practitioner Huang Jiliang's house, they took his family members and the books to the police station. The head of the police station claimed that he would make them so miserable that they would "cry for life but cannot live, and beg to die but cannot depart this life." He called them "counter-revolutionary family members" (a term used in the Cultural Revolution to persecute people) "who will not be treated better than dogs if they are beaten to death."

On August 1, 2001, at 11am, Huang Jiliang was taken back to the Juntun Police Station from Xindu Detention Centre. Without anything to eat for lunch, Huang Jiliang was brutally beaten by Xie, the Rural Area Government vice chair, and Zhou Jian, a police officer. Huang Jiliang passed out on the spot. After he awoke, Zhou Qiquan took over and continued beating him until bruises and wounds appeared all over his body. He again lost consciousness, this time for over 2 hours. Later on, Liu Xinglu, the XX Party Committee chair, transferred Huang Jiliang to the police department because Huang refused to cooperate with the evils at the August brainwashing class.

We hereby warn those vicious men involved in these crimes against Falun Dafa practitioners: Stop before it is too late! Give up evil acts, and do good deeds. Otherwise, the principles of heaven will not let you go, and in the end you will face retribution for evildoing.

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/10/17/14770.html

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