Her Majesty The Queen of Sweden Accepts Materials About The Persecution of Falun Gong

A while ago, my wife and I read in the local newspaper that the King and Queen of Sweden were going to visit our little town Motala at famous Övralid the 16th of May 2001. The Queen is known as a warm-hearted person that cares about people that are in difficulties, especially children. So we decided to bring the persecution of Falun Dafa and it’s practitioners to her attention. We made a nice package containing “China Falun Gong”, the instruction video and materials exposing the persecution, among them “Women of conscience”.

When we arrived at the place they were going to visit, very few people had shown up. Most people had met the Royal couple earlier during the day. It was mostly security people and media there. Security approached us and asked us if we were going to hand over the package we had in our hands to the Royal couple. When we answered yes they said that they don’t accept things wrapped in paper for security reasons, so we took off the paper. After a while the Royal couple arrived and we waited for a good opportunity to hand the precious gift over to the Queen.

Soon, the Surveyor of the Royal Court approached us with a secret service woman and asked us what we wanted to do. The Secret service woman recognized our pins “I support Falun Gong” and said: Oh, I remember you people from Nyköping, you were doing those peaceful exercises when the Foreign Ministers arrived from their boat trip, it was really nice. Simultaneously she tried to do a movement. Upon that the Surveyor of the Royal Court felt assured that we were peaceful and gave us the permit to hand over the present.

After a while the Queen approached me by herself and I was able to shake her hand and give her the materials. Afterwards the Surveyor of the Royal Court happily expressed his satisfaction over practitioner’s peaceful and upright manners.

Everyone, the Royal couple, the secret service, the police, the media, the Royal staff, and the everyday people could witness the upright and noble behavior of Falun Dafa practitioners.

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