UK: A Parade Against HK's Article 23 Legislation Held in London

On the 28th June, the “Global Coalition against Article 23 Legislation” held a press conference and a parade in London to support the people of HK’s appeal against Article 23. Some UK citizens, who are concerned about the democracy, freedom, and future of Hong Kong, including Falun Gong practitioners participated in the activity.

At about 1:30pm, those who were joining the parade gathered outside the Chinese Embassy in London to hold a press conference. Those attending included the former British diplomat, Lord Thurlow and the Vice-Chairman of European Friends of Falun Gong, John Dee. One UK citizen, originally from Hong Kong, Ms. Ye also gave a speech at the press conference. She condemned the Jiang regime who forced the HK government to legislate Article 23 and called for people worldwide, who love democracy and freedom, and who are concerned about the future of Hong Kong, to support the appeal against Article 23 so that people can be protected from becoming the victims of autocracy.

After the press conference, the parade gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in London, and then went through London’s Chinatown district. The entire parade was serious and well ordered. Three young Falun Gong practitioners led the parade with banners titled “Stop Article 23”. Following these were banners reading “Support HK Citizens against Article 23,” and the appeal of “Defend Hong Kong, Defend Conscience.”

When the parade passed through Oxford Street, many Chinese and western people carefully read the banners and asked for flyers. Many already knew about Article 23 and offered their support and praise for those in the parade.

When the parade went to Chinatown, it was greeted with general concerns. One westerner who worked in a company in Chinatown said, “It’s great! Thank you for doing so much for Hong Kong.” As the parade went around Chinatown for the third time, speakers in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English broadcast the following, “Hong Kong needs freedom. Hong Kong does not need Article 23. Stop the legislation of Article 23 at once.” A great amount of Chinese and English flyers were also distributed.

The organiser of the parade commented, “We were informed that HK citizens will participate in a large parade against Article 23, with a million HK citizens, on the 1st of July, so the ‘Global Coalition Against Article 23 Legislation’ organised this activity in the UK to support HK citizens and to express the heart-felt wish of overseas Chinese that Hong Kong can keep its freedom, maintain its prosperity, and have a real good future.”

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