Jilin Practitioners Crush The Brainwashing Class

[Daan City, Jilin Province]

Practitioners Gao Guiling, Sun Guimin and a female practitioner named Luo from Daan City, Jilin Province, were taken away from their homes and forcefully sent to brainwashing classes for torturing. The three practitioners were determined to suppress the evils and refused to eat or drink. Practitioner Sun Guimin said to the three brainwashers from the province, "We are all innocent people, we don't need you to lecture us. Do you want to transform us into bad people? Please go away!" Realizing the rock solid determination of the practitioners the vicious guards did not even try to change their minds. All three practitioners were released on the seventh day. They used their righteous thoughts to resist the evil's plans to brainwash them.


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