Story of A Little Practitioner in Mainland China Left Alone Without his Parents

Mingming, (pseudonym) is a fourth grade student in school. His mom has been in a labour camp for over one year now because of practising Falun Dafa. His Dad was also forced into homelessness. Only he himself is left at home. Sometimes his grandma (also a Falun Dafa practitioner) comes to see him. One night, at 7 pm Mingming, went outside alone to post truth-clarifying materials to save people. When he posted the materials onto a police watchtower, a police officer saw him so he handcuffed the boy and brought him to the police station.

When the police inquired about the source of the materials, they hypocritically opened his handcuffs and asked Mingming to cooperate with them. After their attempts failed, police escorted him back to search the house. They confiscated some truth-clarifying flyers and VCD disks. After returning to the police station they questioned him again about the source of the materials and they would not let him make any phone calls. Mingming, did not cooperate with the evil; the policemen threatened him "You will be old enough to be sent to a labour camp next year."

Mingming was detained in the police station for the whole night with two policemen watching him. The next morning, the police called Mingming's school. The principal and the teachers all tried to persuade Mingming to give up practising Falun Dafa, but Mingming said, "I will insist on practising Falun Dafa even if I am expelled." The principal and teachers could do nothing but merely told him not to post Falun Dafa materials during the National Day period. So Mingming, went back to school again.


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