Inhuman Treatment of Falun Dafa Practitioners in detention centres and at the notorious Wanjia Labour Camp

Persecution Experienced at a Detention Centre and at Wanjia Labour Camp

By a practitioner in China

In the evening of July 8, I was arrested and then detained at the Eighth Detachment of the West Harbin Police Station. The next day, I was shackled onto an iron chair for three unbearable hours. At approximately 2:30 in the afternoon I was sent to a detention centre. I immediately decided to start on a hunger strike to protest such severe and unfair treatment. The staff became upset by this and they called on the so-called doctor in the detention centre and several inmates to force-feed me. Quite a few fellow practitioners were being force-fed every day. We decided as a group not to let them force-feed us any more. As a result, they used some iron levers to pry our mouths open and force our teeth apart. Some of the accomplices twisted our necks; some pulled our hair. Blood and the disgorged fluids they were trying to feed us soon stained our clothing. They forced us to change our clothes for fear of their evilness being exposed.

Many of our teeth were broken and incisors loosened from the pliers used to pry our mouths open. Also, our throats were injured by the intubation process. We had to endure such torture twice a day. Whenever we were sent back to our cells, the inmates in the cells shed tears when they saw how we had been tortured. They helped me wash my hair with clean water and then comb it. I told them about Falun Dafa. Even the criminals would not watch the TV shows that defamed Falun Dafa. They said, "Those are fake. They totally framed Falun Gong. We have met so many Falun Gong disciples here and no one is like what they say. We'll practise Falun Gong after we get out of here." I was moved to tears. The efforts of Falun Dafa disciples have not been in vain. We have awakened the conscience of so many people.

I endured 31 days of abuse at the detention centre. At 9am on August 9, I was sent to the Wanjia Labour Camp [a notorious labour camp that has been previously reported on] with 11 other Falun Dafa practitioners. The guards even lied to our cellmates by saying that they were sending me home when they came to pick me up. They secretly took the twelve of us to Wanjia through the back door.

At Wanjia, six of us were sent to the twelfth detachment; the other six were sent to the seventh detachment. I was one of the people sent to the seventh detachment. Here, I started eating again. The doctor at the detention centre said, "You won't be able to recover at home for at least one year in your current physical condition." I said: "My condition was caused by your torturing."

Before I came here, Falun Dafa practitioners had suffered even more. They were always cursed, beaten, forced to lie in the "riding airplane" position (a painful torture that forces one's hands to be bent to the back and one's body to lay on the floor), and controlled by those criminals who were instigated by the evil police to watch them. Those who were incited by the evil police could do any evil deeds: defame Teacher Li, defame falun Dafa, and grab Teacher Li's scriptures. Even in this malicious environment, Falun Dafa practitioners kept telling the criminals and police officers how good Falun Dafa is. Such bravery is a manifestation of Falun Dafa practitioners' tolerance and compassion. They did not think of themselves during such extreme suffering; they made the best use of their time to salvage those whose thoughts were completely deceived by the propaganda.

At the ensemble convention of the Labour Camp on June 18, the director of the Camp said: "Those who won't give up cultivation practice have to be forced to renounce it. The battle against Falun Gong is a life-and-death struggle and this is a directive from the Central Committee (of the Party name omitted). Then during the night of June 20, the tragedy of several Falun Dafa practitioners being tortured to death occurred.

Due to the persecution by the evil forces, the Falun Dafa practitioners here could not practice Falun Gong nor read Zhuan Falun [the main book of Falun Gong] for a long time. Ninety percent of them had scabies, some had more severe infestations than others. Some had festering wounds on their stomachs, legs, and other places that grew into 4-inch diameter holes in their flesh. Pus and blood would ooze out of the wounds. Their hands and feet were swollen, had changed color, and looked like artificial limbs. They were in great pain.

(The sender supplement: This article was received after many setbacks. The time referred to in the article is 2001.)


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