SOS Rescue Mission Receives Support from Latvia

On Wednesday, September 12th, Falun Gong practitioners met with the Latvian Foreign Policy Advisor to the State President. The practitioners found him to be a man of integrity, and totally sympathetic to our SOS rescue mission. He assured the practitioners that the State President is firmly committed to human rights and that, in fact, she had just returned from the human rights meeting in Durban, South Africa. When he looked at the route for the SOS Walk through the Baltic countries, he said that it reminded him of the time, ten years ago, when people stood side-by-side for 600 kilometers, holding hands and singing, to show the Russian government that they were peacefully committed to freedom for their countries. He said that he knew we would find that the people of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania would understand our situation and would be very sympathetic. And he was right.

They presented him with a copy each of Zhuan Falun and Falun Gong [the main books of Falun Gong], as well as the music CD and some other background information, including the report from the United Nations.

At a later public display of the exercises, the practitioners had the opportunity to meet a journalist for the second largest newspaper in Lithuania; this newspaper is the only one that has a Lifestyle section. He was very interested in the practice, interviewed them and said he would arrange to have his photographer come to take photos of us before they left. He promised to send them a copy of the article.

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