New Practitioners Experience the Miracles of Dafa

Below I would like to share a few stories of incredible experiences of Dafa practitioners in my area. All of these experiences happened soon after they took up Falun Dafa cultivation practice.

I. Incurable Disease Disappeared
Following my retirement in the spring of 2005, I was offered employment at a house-keeping company run by one of my friends. Ms. Zhang, in her 20s, was an attractive and capable clerk. She divorced soon after getting married and appeared quite sad after this occurred.

After working together for some time, we got to know each other better and better. I tried to talk to Ms. Zhang about her unhappiness and told her about the beauty of Falun Dafa. She seemed very attentive as she listened. One day, she suddenly asked me for a copy of Zhuan Falun, so I gave her the book. She was so happy, as if she received the most precious thing. She promised that she would read the book sincerely.

A few days later, I noticed that Ms. Zhang seemed to be experiencing health problems. I asked whether she was ok. She said that everything was fine. Because we were both busy with work, we didn't talk much more about it.

One morning, I arrived at work quite early and found that Ms. Zhang was already there. The moment she saw me, she ran toward me. She hugged me and said: ”Falun Dafa is so amazing! Diseases that I had for so many years are cured! I would like to thank our Master. My whole family is grateful to Dafa and Master. I will definitely cultivate in Falun Dafa well.”

Ms. Zhang then told me that she had a very strange disease since she was a child - her body always emitted a foul odour. It was not too bad during the day, but at night it could be very offensive. During the day, there were some ways to hide the odour, but at night, in a closed room, the smell was horrible. Ms. Zhang's family did not want to open the door of her bedroom in the morning because the odour was so strong. For many years, her family took her to different doctors, looking for a cure, but nothing worked. Ms. Zhang's disease became a heavy burden for her entire family. Her husband also left her because he couldn't bear it.

After Ms. Zhang received a copy of Zhuan Falun, she began to study the Fa with her whole heart. Soon, she developed diarrhoea. She realized that Master was adjusting her body and continued to study the Fa. Her diarrhoea became worse, with blood in her stool. However, two days later, she felt well and quite refreshed.

It was then that she noticed that her body odour completely disappeared. At the beginning, her family dared not believe this, but seeing that it was indeed true, they became very excited. They were very grateful to Master and Dafa.

Ms. Zhang told her friends and relatives about her experience to show the beauty and magic of Dafa. She also explained to them how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) defamed Dafa and poisoned people's minds with slanderous lies. She helped them quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

II. A Battery Is Magically Recharged
After retiring, I also worked as a concierge for a girls dormitory at a university. Not long after I started working there, I met a very kind young woman who was searching for the right path of cultivation. After we got to know each other, I told her about the beauty of Falun Dafa and that Dafa has spread to over 100 countries and is loved by people all over the world. I also explained how the evil CCP has cheated the public by defaming Falun Dafa.

The young woman enjoyed listening to music composed by Dafa practitioners on my MP3 player. One night, just before “lights outs” call in the dormitory, she was still listening to the MP3 and didn't want to stop. I said to her, “You can borrow my player and listen to Master's lectures in your room.” She happily accepted.

After she left, I remembered that the MP3 player was almost out of battery power. I worried that she wouldn't be able to listen to the lectures and wished that the battery could somehow autorecharge.

The next morning the woman said, “ It's so magical! When I left yesterday, the MP3 player was almost out of power. I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to hear all of the lectures. But guess what? It still had power after midnight, and when I checked again later, I saw that the battery was fully charged. It's amazing!” I said, “Now you have experienced the magic of Falun Dafa yourself. Master has encouraged you to study the Fa.”

After learning the truth, this young woman took the initiative to share the beauty and magic of Dafa with her family and friends.

III. The Answers of the Exam Flew into My Mind
Two years ago, I was hired as a concierge in a male dormitory at a polytech university. I applied the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance at work and found that merciful Master constantly sent me people with predestined relationships, who were waiting to be saved.

After I explained the facts about Falun Dafa to a young man named Yangyang, he began cultivation practice. Yangyang's course load was so heavy that it was hard for him to find time to study the Fa.

One day I said to him: “What we cultivate is the Great Law of the universe. We need to break through all interference and study the Fa well. Fa study will not impede your school work; instead, everything that you do will yield a good result with only half the effort.” Acknowledging his understanding, he departed to take an English exam.

After the exam, Yangyang returned to my office and said excitedly, “It's so amazing!The 'listening section' of the exam has always been the most difficult part for me, but today I did very well. The answers flew into my head seemingly out of thin air! This never happened to me before. I got all of the questions right. I know it's Master who helped me. I will definitely not let Master down; I will cultivate well for sure!”

Since then, Yangyang has not only cultivated diligently, but has also spread the truth about Dafa to many people.

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