THE LUTON NEWS [UK]: Trio take pose for thought

August 8, 2001

THREE meditation practitioners struck a pose in Dunstable last week during part of a 452 mile journey on foot.

Edward, 23, Jian, 27 and Yi, 29, performed exercises from the ancient Chinese art of Falun Gong, in the Square, off High Street South, last Monday.

They were passing through Dunstable as part of a march to raise awareness about the practice being outlawed in China.
Edward, who lives in Harlington, said: "Falun Gong is very popular in China but for the last two years the government has been persecuting people who practice it and torturing them and beating them.

" We have been giving out leaflets on this and the response has been very good - most people have been very kind.

"We're not asking for money, just giving out information on what's happening and many people have said they will try and help or write to their local MPs."

The three arrived in London last Wednesday to visit the Foreign Office and to hold a peaceful protest outside the Chinese consulate.

Jian, who lives in Lincoln, and Yi, of Dundee, began their journey from Edinburgh on July 11. Edward joined the pair in Manchester, on July 22, where he is studying for a degree in Physics at UMIST.

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