An Older Brother Writes To His Younger Brother and Raises Some Good Questions

Hello Brother,

I received your letter. I can see that you presented your points of views in a very frank manner. Now we have a foundation for our discussion. First of all, I would like you to think about the following questions.

1. All Falun Gong practitioners that have been "reformed" have something in common, i.e. they have come to a so-called "new understanding" as if their lives have been liberated. But why do people only come to this "new understanding" in a forced labour camp? Why don't those from around the world who have not been threatened by torture from the police, high walls with electric wires and beatings share this understanding?

2. Why do the authorities present lies, arguments with twisted facts, and carry out these actions in secrecy? Why don't they present these out in the open for everybody to hear?

3. Why did the authorities stage the "Tiananmen Self-Immolation Incident"? Why did they kill Liu Chunling and her daughter if not to instigate public hatred towards Falun Gong? The International Education and Development Organisation said on August 14 2001, at a United Nations conference that "The Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation was staged by the Chinese government." If you watch the video clip shown by the Focal Point program of CCTV in slow motion, you will see the whole process of Liu Chunling being killed. Now, the whole world knows about this. But, what answer have we received from the Chinese government?

4. They claimed that they treated practitioners with "kindness and gentle care." But why were you all arrested and sent to forced labour camps, just for going to Miaofeng Mountain? They came after me at my workplace and have forced me out of my own home. Is this what they call "kindness and gentle care?"

5. Why don't they allow us to appeal for Falun Gong? Why don't they allow us to speak? Why don't they allow lawyers to defend practitioners? A powerful government is supposed to work for the welfare of its people. If it has reason on its side, why is it afraid of its people speaking?

6. Jiang handed former U.S. President Clinton anti-Falun Gong literature, and the Chinese embassies around the world distributed all kinds of anti-Falun Gong materials to government organisations, people of all walks of life and overseas Chinese. They used taxpayers' money to bribe overseas media including newspapers, radio stations and TV stations to maliciously attack Falun Gong. Do you think these are acts of patriotism? Although the Chinese government mobilises all its resources to defame Falun Gong with no regard for morality and national dignity, in the western society where people are allowed to speak their mind, when the lies are exposed, people will stand on the side of justice. There are many touching stories of people upholding justice and supporting Falun Gong. Around the world, Falun Dafa is practised in over 50 countries. No government is against it except in China, and Falun Dafa has received over 1,000 proclamations and congratulatory letters from governments and organisations. Is the whole world set out to be against China?

7. Why do so many people still remain firm in their practise in spite of the ruthless persecution, a persecution that has lasted for over three and half years?

8. Why do people recover from the most stubborn illnesses and become a good person as soon as they start practising Falun Gong? Are these all because of the so-called "psychological suggestion"?

9. Why do so many people read this seemingly ordinary book every day?

That's all for today. Please give them some thoughts. I do care about you all.

Best wishes

Your Brother

February 10, 2003

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