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  • Awakened to the Truth

    All the officials in a village in Northeastern China have become awakened after Falun Dafa practitioners clarified the truth of the persecution to them continuously with righteous thoughts and actions. They no longer wanted to assist the police in their evildoing against Falun Dafa practitioners.
  • China’s Economy Is Being Seriously Damaged by the Persecution of Falun Gong

    At present, corrupt officials in China are transferring capital to their personal bank accounts overseas. This figure is far more than the investment of foreign capital entering China. The Jiang regime has been pouring maximum capital into the large-scale persecution of Falun Gong and in maintaining its police system and propaganda machine. Therefore, all Chinese and foreign investors should awaken to this fact: Investment in China will no longer bring benefit to the investors or the Chinese people, but only to the corrupt officials and persecutors who will in turn be financially supported to continue their evil deeds.
  • Deluded Husband Abducts Wife to Yueyang City Mental Hospital Where She Is Tortured to Death

    Yan Youhua is not a law-enforcement official; however, he sent his wife to detention centres, labour camps and mental hospitals over and over again. Who bestowed such power on him? It is due to the directives of Jiang's regime that he dared to persecute his wife to death.
  • Incessant Torture Leads to Death of Henan Province Dafa Practitioner

    Since Li Junchen refused to cooperate with them and refused to give up his belief, he was detained for over seven months. Li Junchen suffered various tortures, such as being beaten by rubber sticks and shocked with electric batons. Later he developed severe pain in his lungs and had swelling all over his body. His face turned yellowish, and he was near death.
  • Terrible Ordeal of A Family: Wife Tortured to Death, Husband Incarcerated Beijing's Chaoyang Forced Labour Camp

    Ms Mei Yulan was arrested on May 13, 2001 -- World Falun Dafa Day, while she was doing the Falun Gong exercises outdoors. While in the Chaoyang Detention Centre she went on a hunger strike in protest of her illegal arrest and detention. On May 18, she was force-fed without the absence of doctors. Her anguished cries of pain could be heard throughout the entire corridor.
  • Family Devasted by Death of Dafa Practitioner

    His family members are in deep sorrow, but they have no place to get justice for him. A once healthy man was tortured to skin and bones with heavy injuries, having been shocked with over 10,000 volts electric batons for over ten hours in one day. Who could endure such terrible abuses?
  • Atrocities In Beijing: 8 Fingers Beaten and Broken

    Several policemen pressed his arm against the ground and smashed his hand with rubber batons. The eight fingers on both hands with the exception of his two thumbs were broken. They also broke his nose and face, spraying blood everywhere. His light gray sweater was soaked with blood and turned red. The intense pain and severe loss of blood caused his face to turn ashen, and his body began shaking uncontrollably.
  • Female Falun Dafa Practitioner Ruthlessly Beaten to Death by Fushun City Police

    Li Ying's family went to the police department to ask for her and they requested meeting with her, but met with rejection. They deplored the vicious police and requested and protested repeatedly. In the end, the police reluctantly let them in to see Li Ying. They saw her lying on the ground, with a white sheet covering her body. They pulled the sheet up and saw that Li Ying was on the verge of death. She only had strength to tell her husband, "four police beat me..." before she passed away.
  • More Details about Tragic Death of Pregnant Guangzhou Dafa Practitioner Ms. Luo Zhixiang (Photo)

    The Xinghua Street subdivision "610 Office" originally paid for hotel rooms for Luo's in-laws. But they continuously urged them to cremate her body. The older couple insisted that Luo's husband, their son, should sign the papers to authorise cremation. The "610 Office" personnel threw them out of the hotel. The older couple went to the subdivision administration office and asked for justice. The "610 Office" gathered over sixty people there and called the 110 emergency police number, to report a riot. After policemen arrived, they found that it was two people asking for justice. So the police left without incidence.
  • Death Cases Caused by Terror of Jiang Regime

    These innocent people have lost their precious lives simply because, under Jiang's regime, they were not allowed to freely choose their belief in "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance," and they could not freely practise Falun Gong to cure their illnesses and improve their health. Jiang is as responsible for their deaths as if he had killed them himself.
  • Elderly Lady Practitioner Sustains Severe Maltreatment by Police

    There, the guards used two handcuffs and a big chain to tie me to a heating pipe, and I could not sit, bend, and could only talk to them sideways. They had more than ten people torturing me in turn and did not allow me to sleep. This kind of torture went on continuously for five days and nights. Because I'm an elderly female, I could not sustain their torture and finally fainted.
  • Vile Acts Towards Female Dafa Practitioner

    Then, they tried to force me to drink a "medicine" that they had prepared beforehand, but I refused to drink it. Several people grabbed me and forced it into me. The party secretary said: "See, this is what you get for going to Beijing. Take her outside, freeze her!" They tied my two hands behind my back and tied my legs with duct tape from the ankles up. They dragged me outside to let me freeze, dragging me along like a log. They even took off my shoes. Later, I learned that the "medicine" was human urine.
  • Police Fail to Shift Blame for Factory Workers' Demonstration to Falun Gong

    The workers also protested against the mill's actions by lying on the railway tracks in a desperate hope to solve their problems. The Jiamusi police cracked down on the workers' demonstration and framed them as "Falun Gong practitioners making trouble". The workers responded angrily and said, "Don't try to put the blame on Falun Gong. This has nothing to do with Falun Gong. We just want our delayed wages."
  • An Order to China's Military Attempts to Wrongly Implicate Falun Gong

    "They issued a military order to try to frame Falun Gong." Jiang's political gang used monetary and material resources to persecute the good people who follow "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance"...From understanding this event, people can begin to see more clearly the deceitful tactics at work behind the fabrications Jiang's gang has created to persecute Falun Gong.
  • Family of Tortured to Death Falun Dafa Practitioner Harassed and Intimidated by Daqing City Prison

    Before the cremation, Mr. Yu's son who went to school in another city came back to the city. The police informed the funeral parlour to stop him from seeing his father. However, the employees at the funeral parlour did not comply with the police's request. When the child offered his respects to the father, the personnel from Daqing City Prison insisted on being present for the whole time. A police officer from Daqing City Prison shed tears of sympathy when he saw Yu's son kneel down in front of his father and burn some paper money.