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  • Staggering 1,350 Falun Gong Practitioners Currently Illegally Incarcerated in the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp

    The police threaten, "You will be tortured to death in three days at Masanjia if you do not transform." Every day, Dafa practitioners have been bearing huge physical and mental abuse. The guards are so dehumanised that they take pleasure in the suffering of these harmless people. Where is there justice?
  • Atrocities in Tangshan City: A 66 Year Old Retired Female Teacher is Brutalised in Freezing Weather

    Zheng Chunsheng warned them, "I will beat you all to death, and then use gasoline to burn your bodies. I will just claim that you committed self-immolation." He then slapped Zhang Muying on her face and said, "I will listen to whoever pays me." Zhang Muying asked him to stop beating her, but he replied, "The Party ordered us to beat you up. If you dare to get out of this room, I will beat you to death!"
  • Courageous Dafa Practitioners Question the Judge With Righteousness at the Xinhua District Court of Haikou City

    Many people sitting in the visitors' benches were moved by Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts and said, "Falun Gong practitioners are great!" In response to the practitioners' righteous statements, the judge could only say, "Laws like this are stipulated by our country...As long as you are involved with Falun Gong, you are guilty."
  • Shuangcheng City Detention Centre's Long-Term Abuse Leads to Death of Practitioner

    Yet another tragic and needless death due to long-term abuse, of a Dafa practitioner who had the courage to exercise his right according to the Constitution: to appeal for the right to peacefully practise his belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. However, not only has his right of appeal been violated, his very life has been taken away.
  • Steadfast Dafa Practitioner Tortured to Death in Huludao Forced Labour Camp

    "Don't think about leaving without been 'transformed'. " Sheng Xuejun said, "Once you write the pledge to stop practising, to not appeal and to not gather together [with other Falun Gong practitioners], and pay 500 to 3,000 Yuan, you will be released."
  • Innocent Falun Dafa Practitioners Sentenced to Long Prison Terms in Chaoyang City

    Falun Dafa practitioners are peaceful people, yet Jiang's evil regime persecutes them just because they practise "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" and believe in being good people. We hope that everyone around the world will work together to stop this most unjust persecution as soon as possible.
  • Tragic Victims of Persecution in Linyi City: Death of Beloved Sister, Brother on Verge of Mental Collapse

    In April 2001, the "610 Office" forced Dong's father to curse Master and Dafa at a "reform and denouncing meeting" intended to cover up their crimes for Dong Buyun's death, but they didn't expect that Dong Jin's father, a rational and conscientious man, an ordinary man who had just lost his beloved daughter while his son is suffering persecution, would condemn them publicly.
  • Daqing City Police Fabricate Evidence to give Female Dafa Practitioner a Longer Prison Term

    Zhang Jing's mother-in-law and husband repeatedly reported the fact that the police faked evidence to the Daqing City Political and Judiciary Committee, City Police Bureau, City and District Court and Prosecutor. None of the above local government bodies listened to their appeal, and Zhang Jing was wrongfully sentenced to four years in prison, despite the strong objection from her family.
  • Haikou City Detention Centre Inflict Terrible Suffering on Falun Dafa Practitioners

    On the afternoon of January 8, 2003, policemen Chen Wen and chief Lin from Qiongshan police department's political and security section raided Li Qi's house and handcuffed her. They carried her out of the building against her will. Witnessing the violent incident, neighbours were outraged, saying, "Are they kidnappers?" People felt terrible.
  • Heartless Neijiang City "610 Office" Refuses to Release Dying 70 Year Old Practitioner

    After enduring heavy labour, mental and physical torture, and severe living conditions, he collapsed one day, and his life was in imminent danger. The labour camp sent him to the hospital in an attempt to rescue him, and conducted surgery on his head. The prison feared that they would have to pay more medical costs, so they notified his family to take him home on parole.
  • Fawanghuihui.org has Gathered Over 10,000 Names of the Persecutors of Falun Gong Practitioners in China

    Many people involved in the persecution of Falun Gong feel that they will never be held responsible. In their opinion, even if Falun Gong’s miscarriage of justice could be reversed in the future, they still could go overseas with their stolen money. Therefore, many Chinese officials are trying to organise their future by buying real estate in other countries and sending their children overseas. We are also investigating their real estate overseas. In the USA there are also secret agents associated with the persecution of Falun Gong. We welcome people to report them to us.
  • Remembering the Arrest of Practitioner Wang Lixuan and Her Baby Boy, Who Were Both Tortured to Death

    What crimes did the mother and the baby commit? Is it because that they wanted to speak the truth? As I think of this tragedy, my eyes are filled with tears. All kindhearted people in the world, do not keep silent any longer. Do not turn a blind eye towards this, and do not allow this tragedy to continue any longer! Many more people could lose their lives and lose their rights as human beings. Jiang's regime has carried out violent torture methods to deal with peaceful Dafa practitioners.
  • Criminal Mudanjiang "610 Office" Forces Dafa Practitioner to Have Abortion

    They claimed that she could go home only if she had an abortion, or else she would be detained at the brainwashing centre. Wang and her husband decided that they would keep the baby even if they both lost their jobs. Wang's workplace, however, insisted she have an abortion; they even pressured Wang's parents and uncles. Wang's husband was taken to the city police station and tortured for two days and two nights. Under this intense pressure, Ms. Wang was forced to have an abortion. This is yet more evidence of the crimes of the murderous Jiang regime.
  • Elderly Lady Beaten, Frozen Outside in Winter by Xinle County Police Department

    Those vicious people had no humanity at all; they even didn't think twice of torturing me -- an elderly lady! The evil policemen cruelly forced me to take off my clothes until I only had on my underwear and a shirt. They also forced me to lie on my stomach on a pile of snow in the yard, and they then piled ice on my body and poured cold water on my body from my head to my toes.
  • In Memory of Dafa Practitioner Hong Haoyuan

    His labour camp sentence was extended again and again, and the vicious policemen said they would "never release him until he gives up his belief in Dafa." However, under the pressure of practitioners' appeals from all over the world, they had to release him from the labour camp in 2002. By this time his body had become very weak due to the severe persecution. I didn't imagine that he would pass away so soon.