Taipei Times (Taiwan): Letters - The Wrong Side of History

"The PRC stood up and took notice when the Soviet empire collapsed. It realized that lies and force alone cannot ensure the survival of a dictatorial regime. It is the people that play the dictatorial role in the end. That is called democracy.

Beijing has since accelerated its move to a market economy, hoping the spill of new fortunes to its people would help preserve its authoritarian regime. So far, it seems to be working. However, like the KMT in Taiwan, prosperity can prolong its rule, but corruption and incompetency will eventually lead to the inevitable.

Like most dictatorial regimes, the inevitable will come.

Nobody knows when or how it will come to an end, but it most certainly will. The PRC's continued suppression of the Falun Gong and its ethnic minorities, its censorship of the Internet and its lies will eventually prove too much for Beijing to bear.

The dictatorial communist doctrine and regime is a proven failure and Beijing will be no exception. It is sitting on the wrong side of the history.

Who knows how many more Oct. 1 ceremonies will be left for the Chinese communists to celebrate?"

Yang Ji-charng
Columbus, Ohio

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