Holland: Amsterdam Local television broadcasts program about persecuted Dutch-Chinese family

On Friday the 4th of October, Salto 2, an Amsterdam local television station, broadcasted a 30-minute documentary about the Dutch-Chinese family Warnaar-Wang. Almost all members of the family practise Falun Gong. A part of the family moved to the Netherlands, whilst the rest remain in China. The family members that live in China are victims of the severe and inhumane persecution of Falun Gong.

The film shows how the family members living in Amsterdam practise Falun Gong and they tell the story of how their family has been torn apart because of this persecution. Mr. Warnaar tells what steps he took to rescue his Chinese relatives. The two sisters of the family tell the interviewer how their brother, sister in law, niece (14) and mother (85) were persecuted and abused. The son of Mrs. Wang tells the story of how his uncle was persecuted. He was a well-known contact person for Falun Gong in his city and became a main target of the Chinese authorities.

The uncle is still in prison and his condition is unknown. The 85-year-old grandmother is not able to make a decent living and still she has to take care of her 14-year-old grand daughter, whose parents are in prison. The family keeps on struggling to rescue their family members in China.

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