Germany: Clarifying the Truth during the Great Flood in Dresden

One Sunday morning, fellow practitioner Miss Chang and I arrived in Dresden to clarify the truth to the local government, police and media. Miss Chang had cried out to Jiang Zemin, "Falun Dafa is good!" during his visit to Dresden in Germany. A Chinese secret service man grabbed her by the throat and then two German policemen took her away. The media in Dresden reported the incident.

That evening when we arrived in Dresden, the city was experiencing a heavy rainstorm. Many trams had stopped running because the tracks were flooded and damaged. We found the spokesman from the Ministry of Domestic Affairs in Sachsen State, and talked to him for two and a half hours. At first he said that they did not regard Miss Chang's action as a violation of law, and had not recorded her name. He wanted us to set our minds at ease. We told him that we did not come for this purpose, but because of the illegal behaviour of the two German policemen who took Miss Chang away during Jiang's visit. The spokesman defended the two policemen, saying that they took Miss Chang away to protect her from harm from the Chinese security agents, and that Miss Chang should not have stood within the security zone. We stated that if the policemen had meant to protect Miss Chang, they should have taken the Chinese secret agents away instead. It has never been a policy for the police to lock up the victims of crime to protect them from the criminals, let alone leave the criminals roaming the streets. Besides, those who welcomed Jiang were still shouting their greetings there. As a Chinese person, why was Miss Chang not allowed to stand there with the other Chinese? This was a violation of democracy and freedom of speech.

Next we clarified the truth of Falun Gong to the spokesman and told him why we asked for days off work and spent our own money to go to such events. Gradually, the spokesman lowered his head, saying, "If I agreed with you, I also . . ." When we told him that we would file charges against the two policemen, he immediately gave us some suggestions and promised to hand in our letter and Dafa truth-clarifying materials to the Minister of Domestic Affairs.

Later, we visited the state government, all political parties, police stations, parliaments and the media. But because of the worsening floods, the city transportation was blocked, and the TV stations had a power failure. As a result, we could not find those we wanted to talk to.

During this week, Dresden suffered from severe floods, the likes of which had not been seen in 500 years. The water level reached nine and a half metres. The goods in the stores had to be thrown away. With no electricity or hot water, most of the stores closed. The places that Jiang previously paid visits to were flooded. After the water was pumped out of the buildings, the ground was covered with a layer of black stuff. It took several days to pump all the water out of the basement of Hotel Kempinski in Dresden.

Two days later, we brought hundreds of copies of Dafa newspapers to Dresden. We chatted with local residents and told them the truth of Falun Gong and the wisdom of ancient China. Based on Chinese wisdom, whenever there is a tragedy, the reason must be that the people have done something wrong, and thus people should reflect on what they did. Some of the residents kept silent; others said that people in Europe should reflect on their behaviour and they should make dramatic changes in how they think. There is a German saying, "people think, but God decides." Human beings always consider themselves powerful and strong, but humans are helpless against the force of Nature.

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