Germany: Back to Goslar to Clarify the Truth

When Jiang Zemin visited Goslar in April, even the manhole covers of the sewers were welded shut. A relevant photo was carried by Goslar’s newspapers. Goslar City residents were very angry at Jiang’s visit. Some people even helped Falun Gong practitioners display their banners.

On August 19, a small group of practitioners went to Goslar again to clarify the truth to local government officials, mass media, churches and non-government organizations. A staff member of a political party mentioned he regretted not being able to get yellow clothes, otherwise he would have taken to the streets. [ed. note – during his visit to Germany, Jiang ordered that he did not want to see anyone wearing any yellow clothing because he associates the colour with Falun Gong] An assistant to the Mayor told us that our peace and sincerity are obvious to everyone.

A catholic priest said that we had done the right thing and suggested we talk to people from all walks of life. The general public still vividly remembered the overly tight security measures during Jiang’s visit. Not only did they regard it as something inconceivable, but they were also angry with the matter. When we told them that a female student from China had been detained for nine hours without decent reasons and that a German citizen’s flyers, photos and personal books were confiscated by police on his way to Goslar for a peaceful protest, they were shocked and said that they didn’t know the situation was so serious.

Next we told them about the incidents that happened in Iceland, Hong Kong and Cambodia. We told them that the persecution of Falun Gong was not simply China’s own business, as there were many other countries or areas that have been affected by Jiang’s atrocities in the past four months. In particular, three of them have long been known for their democracy and freedom. If we don’t stop Jiang’s vicious persecution now, it may spread to more countries, leading to disasters for the people in these countries. After listening to our explanations, those with sense of justice asked on the spot: “What are you going to do?” “Hire lawyers?” Some of them even said that we should sue German policemen.

In the course of our telling people the facts in Goslar, we also found that the residents’ understanding of Falun Gong still remained at the level that Falun Gong is peaceful and it is under persecution. They supported Falun Gong simply because of their earnestness and sense of justice, but they didn’t really understand much about Falun Gong and the reasons for it being persecuted. I think that should be the major content of our next stage of truth clarification. As a result, we immediately applied for the permission to hold an “Information Consultation Day” activity ten days later. One day before the event, we talked with local police officials about their unfair treatment of Falun Dafa practitioners during Jiang ’s visit to Goslar.

Goslar city residents said there were more rainy days in this summer than ever before. In the two days we stayed there, Goslar had a torrential rain. Once it even rained with roaring thunder, which is a rare occurrence in Germany. That phenomenon reminded us of the recent serious flooding in Germany, and we knew that all this was by no means an accident.

The process of clarification is also the process for us to intensify our righteous thoughts. We gradually understood that we must let more people know the measures taken by the German government and police were not righteous and that Jiang’s brutal persecution is wrong.

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