Outstanding Teacher Peng Jing from Macheng City, Hubei Province, Brutally Persecuted

Name: Peng Jing
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Address: Macheng City, Hubei Province
Occupation: Teacher

Date of Most Recent Arrest: March 2007
Most Recent Place of Detention: Tangxunhu Brainwashing Centre in Wuchang City
City: Wuchang City
Province: Hubei Province
Persecution Suffered: Detention, interrogation, extortion, force-feeding, brainwashing, living under surveillance

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Peng Jing consistently received “Outstanding Teacher” awards for over ten years, changed a class of bad students into a good one, and had over 100 of her students win awards province-wide and nationwide. But she was forced to leave the teaching career she loved and was arrested and persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) because she practises Falun Gong. She was almost persecuted to death once, and she was brainwashed so badly that afterward she could not even remember her home phone number.

Ms. Peng taught at the Second Experimental Elementary School in Macheng City, Hubei Province. She started to practise Falun Gong in the spring of 1998. She followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be a good person. She let go of being concerned aboiut her reputation and personal interests, loved her students as her own children, and was a responsible teacher. She was greatly trusted by the school administrators, her students' parents, and her colleagues and was deeply respected and liked by her students. She was recognized as the “Worker's Model” in Macheng City in 1998. From 1994 to 2006, she was almost always recognized as the “Outstanding Teacher” in the school. The classes she taught were twice awarded First Prize and once Second Prize in the Huanggang District. Her students' paintings earned over 100 awards at the provincial and nationwide levels. She was selected as a member of the Education Association in Hubei Province and Huanggang City and as the “Mainstay Teacher” in Macheng City.

She was the homeroom teacher and Chinese language teacher of a notorious “bad class.” She revived it and turned the students around. From not wanting to study, stealing things, and fighting with each other, they became eager to learn and well-behaved, and didn't steal anymore. When they graduated, they had outstanding scores, and many of them received a tuition fee reduction from private schools due to their good scores. The principal of the school and the students' parents thanked Ms. Peng sincerely.

However, this outstanding teacher has been frequently persecuted by the CCP since it started to persecute Falun Gong in July 1999, because she has insisted on not giving up her belief. In 2003, when Ms. Peng was persecuted, her mother did not eat anything for seven days and walked all over the place to appeal for her. In 2007, Ms. Peng was detained in the brainwashing centre in Wuhan City. Her father's hair turned half white almost overnight. For a few years, whenever he heard a police siren, he was afraid. Dai Daming, the principal of the Second Experimental Elementary School, tried to plead on her behalf, saying, "Her husband had a brain tumor, and her child is still in high school. Please do not take her away. Our school will be responsible for 'educating' her.” Police officer Hu Jiancheng from the Domestic Security Division berated him, "You are nobody as a principal. I can remove the director of the city education bureau.” Luo Zisheng, the local CCP Political and Legal Committee secretary, removed principal Dai Daming and vice principal Wu Siquan from office.

1. Police Ordered Prisoners to Force-Feed Peng Jing, Which Almost Caused Her Death

In March 2002, in order to expose the lies that Jiang Zemin, [former leader of China and instigator of the persecution] spread to slander Falun Gong and let the people in her hometown learn the truth, Peng Jing went back to her hometown of Huangtugang Town to pass out Falun Gong informational materials. She was arrested by officers Xia Mingxiang and He Libin from Huangtugang Police Station and interrogated.

Huangtugang Police Station chief Li Xu knew Ms. Peng's brother well. In order to put pressure on Ms. Peng's family, Li Xu pretended to not know who she was and detained her in the Macheng City First Detention Centre. He also threatened to send her to the forced labour camp. By doing this, Li Xu intended to scare her family and gain more benefits. He also took away her women's-style motorcycle and rode it for over a month. He only returned it after her relatives asked for it repeatedly. Peng Jing's brother ended up giving Li Xu a nearly ten-thousand-dollar gift.

In order to protest her persecution, Ms. Peng went on a hunger strike and stopped drinking water at the First Detention Centre. On the fourth day, the chief of the first section Cheng Houzhi twisted her arms and dragged her out. Her arms were bruised. Cheng Houzhi did not stop until Ms. Peng shouted, “Stop beating me!” Female police officer Yan Ming and prison police officer Chen Tianhao incited a dozen prisoners to drag Peng Jing to the yard, threw her quilt on the ground, pushed her down on the quilt, and force-fed her. A few male prisoners stepped on her knees, ankles, hands, and elbows. One prisoner pinched her nose. Another one pried open her mouth. Still another prisoner used pliers to pry her teeth open and broke her tooth. One prisoner used the pliers to hold her mouth, and another fed her very salty rice soup with a spoon.

Ms. Peng Jing could not move. Her nose was pinched shut and she could not breathe. Her mouth was wide open, but she could not close it and swallow. The rice soup almost choked her to death. She was tortured like this twice every day. Even a murderer who was imprisoned in the first section said it was “too brutal.” The prison also slandered Falun Gong and the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. They also pressured Ms. Peng to write a guarantee statement to give up Falun Gong. She said, “Please do not take away the Falun Gong books. Please give the books to others and let them see how Falun Gong teaches people to be good. If Falun Gong were not good, then people would stop practising. You don't need to arrest and sentence people and shoot movies to say Falun Gong is not good. You slander the Minghui website. How about you allow free Internet access and let people see for themselves. There are names and addresses listed on the Minghui website. People can see it and verify it. If the things listed are not true, then people will not believe in Falun Gong anymore. Falun Gong did not collect any money from me. I bought a copy of Zhuan Falun for only 12 yuan1. I practised Falun Gong for a few years and never had any colds at all. I saved a lot of money on medical expenses for the country. You jump around to do a fake photo show and collect money. Every student in the Second Experimental Elementary School needs to pay 15 yuan to see the show. Who is really making money?”

Seven days after Peng Jing went on a hunger strike, she was in critical condition. The prison did not notify her family to take her home until then. The head of the police department, Chen Kaiyuan, used the opportunity to get a two-million-yuan loan from the Macheng City Construction Bank. The Longchi Police Station forcibly took away a 1,000-yuan “deposit” and the first section of the detention centre extorted over 300 yuan from her family.

2. Brainwashed Until She Could Not Remember Her Home Phone Number

In March 2007, the math teacher and the dean of the school, Dai Fuping, called Peng Jing and lied to her, saying, “The principal is looking for you,” to deceive her into coming to the school. The Safety Protection Section head of the Macheng City Education Bureau, Yuan Xianfeng, said they would send her to “study.” The Domestic Security Team from Macheng City Police Department—Hu Jiancheng, Ding Pengcheng, and Ding Tao—lied, saying they needed to take her to the Longchi Police Station to question her about something. But actually they arrested her and took her to the Macheng City Second Detention Centre. Hu Jiancheng called a black car to the campus and covered the windows with curtains in order not to be seen. They also took away Peng Jing's PHS (Personal Handy-phone System). All the police wore plainclothes and did everything secretly.

The next day, Ding Weimin from the local 610 Office and Luo Tao from the Domestic Security Team transferred Peng Jing to the notorious Tangxunhu Brainwashing Centre in Wuchang City (it was the so-called “Hubei Province Legal Education Class” and was set up especially to persecute Falun Gong practitioners). She was brainwashed for 40 days. The Domestic Security Team took 1,000 yuan from her and extorted nearly 10,000 yuan in gifts from her family.

In the brainwashing centre, the police threatened to sentence the detained practitioners. They ordered the practitioners to watch videos slandering Falun Gong and write a “guarantee statement to give up Falun Gong.” They also ordered the practitioners to slander Falun Gong. Each practitioner was monitored by two people 24 hours a day. At night, they were not allowed to close the door or turn off the light to sleep. Both day and night, people could constantly hear the practitioners' groans due to beatings and brutal torture. When one practitioner who firmly refused to give up his belief was force-fed, he spit up a large quantity of blood and was sent to the hospital. In this horrible place where she was totally deprived of her physical and spiritual freedom, Peng Jing was persecuted so badly that she became absent-minded. She could not even remember her home phone number and she suddenly had many grey hairs.

This time she was persecuted because she said, “Mao Zedong wrongly launched the cultural revolution” in the classroom and wore a small Falun Gong amulet2. Although she taught the class very well, she was not paid her year-end bonus by the school and failed her annual evaluation. Her salary was downgraded one level.

When the police arrested Ms. Peng, the school principal of the Second Experimental Elementary School Da Daming tried to defend her and said the school would be responsible for her. Officer Hu Jiancheng from the Domestic Security Division retorted, "You are nobody. I can remove the director of the city education bureau.” The local CCP Political and Legal Committee secretary, Luo Zisheng, removed principal Dai Daming and vice principal Wu Siquan from office. They also claimed that Falun Gong practitioners all got paid by the US and earned money if they persuaded a person to quit the CCP. They also gathered the CCP Party members in the school for a meeting and threatened not to pay their year-end bonuses. They then blamed Falun Gong.

3. Monitored at Home and Work for a Long Time and Constantly Harassed

In 2007, right after Ms. Peng's husband had surgery and had come home, the local 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong), domestic security team and the school's leaders showed up at her home to check on her. The Party secretary of the 610 Office, Ye Xianying, threatened her: “If you want to practise Falun Gong, we will persecute you to death and destroy your family.”

Ever since Jiang's regime started to persecute Falun Gong in 1999, Peng Jing has been persecuted in many ways just because she believes in Falun Gong. Her ID card was confiscated. She was pressured to write a guarantee statement by the 610 Office, the education bureau, and the school. She was required to be on duty on holidays. Even for the Chinese New Year, she was harassed by the school over the phone and was required not to leave Macheng City and to be on call all the time. Once during the summer vacation, vice principal Wu Siquan went to her home to threaten her: “Our superiors gave orders that if you go to Beijing, we are to break your legs and won't be held legally responsible.” From 2007 to 2008, the school arranged for her to work at the school leaders' office for a year in order to monitor her.

In the 2008 autumn term, after Peng Jing had taught for fewer than ten days, she was transferred to the service department to do menial tasks, because the son of Ding Pengcheng of the domestic security team was studying at the school. Ding Pengcheng worried that Ms. Peng would “take revenge,” so he claimed that Peng Jing had given out his cellphone number and overseas Falun Gong practitioners kept calling him to let Ms. Peng go back to work. Actually she had just taught the class for fewer than ten days and did not know Ding Pengcheng's son was in the first year class, let alone have any thought of “revenge.” The school leaders were afraid of the 610 Office and the domestic security team and did not want to be affected, so they arranged for their outstanding teacher to do menial work in the service department.

The Macheng City domestic security team also went to the school to harass many times. Both the leaders and the teachers at the school panicked, which placed Peng Jing under huge pressure.

4. Family Members Also Suffered from Persecution

In 1999, Ms. Peng Jing's husband was seen in the Provincial Union Hospital and told that he had a tumour in his brain. The doctor initially assumed it was malignant. The tumour caused epilepsy. The doctor thought that, since the tumour was so large and so close to the central nervous system, operating on it would be very difficult. He thought Ms. Peng's husband might have only three months to live. Thinking that they would be “treating the dead horse as a living horse,” the couple started to practise Falun Gong. Then her husband's brain tumour was magically "calcified” and began shrinking. All his body indicators became normal.

But when her husband saw that she was persecuted almost to death when she was detained the first time and she became absent-minded after the second time, his epilepsy recurred frequently due to the enormous pressure. He often fell down and had spasms. There was no one to take care of his elderly parents, especially in 2007, when Peng Jing was detained at the Wuhan City Brainwashing Centre. The police in the centre threatened her repeatedly, saying, “Your husband has an incurable disease. If he practises Falun Gong and dies, you will go to jail.” In addition, her family members were deceived by the Party's claims that Falun Gong did not allow medical treatment. They forced her to send her husband to Wuhan City for surgery. Her husband did not regain consciousness until five days after the operation and still has not recovered his memory. Peng Jing had to do everything for him. Since he had a mental injury, he easily got emotional and could not control himself. He often shouted and beat Peng Jing. This beautiful family was completely destroyed by the CCP. The whole family regretted forcing him to undergo the surgery.

Ms. Peng Jing's daughter had outstanding scores and excellent behaviour from the time she was very young. She could write and paint. She was kind and cute. She was even honored with a tuition fee reduction of over 10,000 yuan when she was admitted by Huaying Middle School because of her great score. Later she passed the Macheng City First High School's pre-admission test. In 2007, while she was in the critical second year in high school, her mother suddenly disappeared after the night class. (Peng Jing was arrested by the 610 Office). The family could not get any information about her mother. At home, her father frequently had epileptic seizures and became irrational. Her grandpa cried all day. Her spirit suddenly collapsed. The cruel persecution completely changed her point of view of the world. She felt it was useless to be a good person and felt the world only admired evil. After that, she completely collapsed and her scores dropped significantly. In pain, she stumbled through the most precious time of her life for studying.

Peng Jing's parents and relatives were all devastated. In 2003, when Peng Jing was detained in the First Detention Centre and being force-fed, her mother did not eat anything for seven days and visited offices to appeal for her. In 2007, Peng Jing was detained at the brainwashing center in Wuhan City. Her father's hair turned half white almost overnight, and he lost quite a few pounds.

Her husband retired due to illness in 2002 with a small pension. Ms. Peng's wages just barely covered their basic living expenses. During several years of persecution, her family has had over 20,000 yuan extorted from them. The Longchi Police Station took away 1,000 yuan, calling it a "deposit," and then took another 1,000 yuan from them. The first detention centre and second detention centre extorted over three hundred yuan each. The domestic security team took 1,000 yuan without giving any invoice. The school Peng Jing worked for did not give her a year-end bonus once, downgraded her wages one level, and gave her a failing evaluation, which meant huge financial losses for her.

It is heaven's principle that good will be rewarded with good and evil will receive retribution. Never in history has someone who persecuted those with upright faith ever succeeded. The persecution of Falun Gong has caused the CCP to destroy itself. Everyone who has participated in the persecution will one day have to pay for the sins and crimes they have committed.


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

2. Amulets – In China, practitioners sometimes "clarify the truth" by giving people something small to wear or cherish, bearing a few words reminding them of the goodness of Dafa.

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