Ms. Mao Xiulan from Gangu County, Gansu Province Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

Name: Mao Xiulan
Gender: Female
Age: 47
Address: Xiezhuang, Dashi Village, Dashi Town, also in Gangu County in Gansu Province
Occupation: Farmer
Date of Most Recent Arrest: January 28th, 2010
Most Recent Place of Detention: Jiuzhou Women's Prison in Lanzhou City
City: Lanzhou
Province: Gansu
Persecution Suffered: Detention, home ransacked, extortion, imprisonment.

On January 28th, 2010, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Mao Xiulan from Gangu County, Gansu Province was arrested from her home by National Security police officers from the Gangu County Public Security Bureau. She was detained at the Gangu County Detention Centre and later was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Ms. Mao is currently detained at the Jiuzhou Woman's Prison in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province.

Mao Xiulan has suffered two heart attacks during the imprisonment. The guards do not allow her family members to bring her anything during visitation and do not allow them to see Ms. Mao in person. During their phone conversations, someone is sent to watch them on the side. It is known that many Falun Gong practitioners are currently imprisoned at the Jiuzhou Woman's Prison. Mao Xiulan's relative Li Linlin was also sentenced to ten years in prison. Her whereabouts are still unknown.

Mao Xiulan's 80-year-old in-laws are left alone at home without attendance. Her husband has a severe illness. Her second son, who was still in middle school, was left alone at home without any money and nobody to take care of him. He had to drop out of school and go to town to do labor. The policemen also frequently go to Ms. Mao's home to harass her family.

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