Mr. Li Baofeng from Beijing Given a Four-Year Prison Term

Mr. Li Baofeng, 52, from the Xicheng District, Beijing was arrested at home on April 22nd, 2008. After being detained for one year, he was covertly sentenced to four years of imprisonment. He is currently in a prison in Tianjin.

We have learned that his detention and persecution in prison have left Mr. Li in very bad physical condition, yet he is still forced to do labour.

Mr. Li began practising Falun Gong because of poor health, and soon became healthy shortly after he began, as have so many others who have taken up the practice.

On April 22nd, 2008, a group of people broke into Mr. Li's home, ransacked it and seized his money and personal property. Participating in the home invasion and ransacking were officers from the Chaoyangmen Police Station and officers led by the head of his local police station. They took Mr. Li as well as his wife and daughter to the Chaoyangmen Police Station and interrogated them. Mr. Li's wife and daughter were released at midnight that same day.

After this Mr. Li's family lost contact with him and were unable to find out where he was being detained. His wife went to the police station numerous times to request his release, but the police officers told her that Mr. Li was not there, and they had no idea where he was sent. For more than a year Mr. Li's family has been searching everywhere for him, but were not able to find out any information about him. This has been a huge ordeal for Mr. Li's wife and daughter. The entire family has been extremely worried and in a state of anxiety.

One day a year later, Mr. Li's wife received a phone call telling her that Mr. Li was about to be sentenced at the Xicheng Court, and his family could hire a lawyer for him. While the family was busy finding a lawyer, they received a notice of judgment from the Xicheng Court stating Mr. Li had been sentenced to four years in prison. His family had no idea where he was being detained until they received a phone call telling them where to send clothing for Mr. Li. Thus they found out that Mr. Li was being held in a prison in Tianjin.

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