The Hardships I Endured in Masanjia Labour Camp

Reports from Masanjia have given details of female practitioners being thrown into male prisoners cells without clothes. It is one of the most infamous labour camps responsible for persecuting Dafa practitioners - Ed. Note.

I am a female practitioner from Jinzhou, Liaoning province, who began practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. On three occasions, I went to Beijing and appealed to the central government to stop persecuting Falun Gong. For appealing, I was imprisoned in the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp in 1999 to serve two years.
While in the labour camp, I suffered various tortures such as violent assault, electric shock and physical punishment along with prolonged heavy labour.

At approximately 8pm on December 28, 2001, while on my way to visit a friend, five plainclothes police officers (three men and two women) stopped me outside my door. They proceeded to push me back into my home for a body search. I asked them to show proper identification. One policeman (whose name I discovered was Jia Wenxiang) came up to me and slapped my face and said that I had to accept them slapping me as their "police identification." I was then forcibly taken to Linan Police Station on the pretext that while searching me, five truth clarifying flyers were found in my bag. When we arrived at the station, I was cuffed to an iron chair and body searched again. I requested them to release me because their acts were illegal, but they just beat me up.

I tried to swallow the mini telephone book I had so no more innocent people could be persecuted. In response, several policemen immediately ganged up on me, pushed me to the ground, and started to kick and punch me. They strangled me until I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I saw that they had retrieved the now blood stained phone book from my mouth. The police were enraged and assaulted me fiercely. Some grabbed and stretched both my arms and ankles and forced me to lie face down on the ground. Then a six-foot tall policeman weighing over 200 pounds jumped up and down on my back and kicked me heavily in the lower back. I thought he meant to kill me. I was unable to breathe under the extreme exertion. After torturing me like this for a while, they made me turn over so that I was lying on my back. Several policemen then held me to the ground. Policeman Zhang Keshan slapped my face with all his strength. He slapped my face with the heel of a shoe. I don't know how long he slapped me. Eventually my swollen and bruised face lost all feeling. Under both of my eyes, I bled for fifteen days.

Next, I was cuffed in a very painful posture with both hands tied behind my back but with one hand over the shoulder, and the other against the lower back. The handcuffs cut my skin and dug into the flesh. The policemen threw me to the ground and left me there for more than half an hour. I felt as though both my arms were broken. When the handcuffs were finally opened, both my hands and arms were completely numb. They then cuffed me again and forced me to sit on the ground for two or three hours. During that time, I was menstruating.

The unbearable pain in my chest and my sides caused me great difficulty in breathing. I was unable to get up or lower my head. I requested an examination of my wounds and then showed the results to the so-called "chief" of the police bureau. I also reported the illegal interrogation and torture his policemen had conducted to him. He said a few meaningless words and left. A tough-looking policeman slapped me and said that the slapping was the result of my appeal. Policeman Zhang Keshan said, "If you're going to die, don't die here (Jinzhou Linan Police Station). Go to the detention centre and die there. You can even kill yourself there."

Around midnight, I was sent me to the Second Detention Centre. I asked the people there to examine my wounds but I was just ignored. In the detention centre, no one handled my case. I wrote a petition to them, but still there was no response.

On the morning of January 30, 2002, I was handcuffed and sent to the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp to serve a three-year term.


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