A Westerner' s Letter to All the Employees of a Chinese Hotel in Beijing

Honoured Ladies and Gentlemen:

My father and I, my younger sister and a friend were guests of your hotel from February 10th to the 14th, 2002.

This was my first trip to China. Perhaps you might remember us. During the night of February 15th around 3:00 A.M., I set foot in your establishment for the last time. Together with three officials, two female and one male police officer, I was ordered to remove my bags from room No. 204. Since it was not possible for me to speak with you then, I would like to tell you my story now:

This coming summer will be four years since I first began to practise Falun Dafa. The longer I immerse myself into the study of Falun Dafa, the more I realize that I have found something that I had always searched for. I understood that it consisted of more than mere physical exercises, as is the practice in Tai Chi for example. I also became aware that there is more to it than studying a book, more like what might be required from a religious practice. It is more than all of those, because the body as well as the mind and soul are being cultivated; [the practice] has a double effect, on both mind and spirit, a way to the origin and the best that could have happened to me in this life.

The eternal values Zhen, Shan, Ren [Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance] constitute the principles of Dafa. Master Li Hongzhi teaches people to become good and to place emphasis on their morals and not to hit back when being hit; that’s why it disturbs and upsets me to see Falun Dafa persecuted in China. Since 1999, when the persecution became known to the rest of the world and to us here in Germany, my friends in China have been persecuted for something we in the rest of the world are free to practice. For three years now, people who wish to live by the principles of Zhen, Shan, Ren and find them good are being hunted, persecuted, abused, mistreated, tortured and sometimes killed.

The Chinese government does not only commit transgressions against its own constitution with the persecution of Falun Gong, but also grossly disregards a document her representatives signed with the United Nations regarding human rights. That makes it not merely a China-specific problem. To whitewash the Chinese government’s transgressions against human rights and to cover up and justify gruesome deeds, Jiang Zemin uses irresponsible lies and deception to convince the population to think ill of Falun Dafa and to advance the persecution.

All those above-named facts are the reasons why I, along with several other Western Falun Gong practitioners, had come to China on February 14, 2002, to declare on Tiananmen Square in Beijing and let the Chinese government know, “Stop the brutal persecution, because Falun Gong is good.” I appealed peacefully and wanted the Chinese citizenry to know that is was my innermost desire to let them know that Falun Dafa is innocent. Even if there had been only one person present who would have heard me say those words, “Falun Dafa is good,” I would have demonstrated for this one person.

As the numbers of those who learn about the persecution increases, the sooner there will be an end to it. Who wants to act against their own conscience anyway and give the evil the upper hand?

I hope that you will not believe the propaganda lies, but decide for yourselves about Falun Gong. I have included an informational brochure and a VCD so that you can judge for yourselves. When you no longer need those, please pass them on to someone else.

I would appreciate a reply from you.

Cordial greetings,

Signed: Caroline Koerper

(Original text in German)

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