Korea: A Unique Scene Outside the South Korean Presidential Hall

Qing Wa Tai is the seat of the Korean central government, the president's hall and the central government administration buildings. This is also a must-go place for foreign tourists. The local Falun Dafa practitioners set up a truth clarification site near Qing Wa Tai, including display boards exposing the Chinese Communist Party's organ harvesting from living Falun Dafa practitioners, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and other truth-clarification materials. The display attracted many tourists.

Falun Dafa truth-clarification display boards attracted many tourists to the Korean President's Hall

Since 1992, Falun Dafa has spread to 80 countries around the world and benefited millions of practitioners. Falun Dafa practitioners' high moral levels and noble behaviors are widely recognised by people around the world. In the face of the Chinese Communist Party's brutal persecution, Falun Dafa practitioners persistently clarify the truth to the world, peacefully and rationally. More and more people are recognising the Chinese Communist Party's lies, due to the truth clarification.

Because it has been standing against North Korea for many years, the President's Hall Qing Wa Tai of South Korea is heavily secured by police and military. At this place, the Falun Dafa truth clarification site becomes a unique scene.

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