Korea: Seoul National University President: says "This Show Has Profound and Lasting Impact and Significance"

Dr. Ahn Cheon, President of the Seoul National University of Education, and author of the book of The Force of Taiwan, watched the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular at Kyung Hee University on February 23rd, 2008. Dr. Ahn indicated that he felt the great influence and power of the show.

Dr. Ahn wrote in his work, "In the present society of China, Truthfulness is rarely seen. However, under this miserable and terrible circumstance, only Falun Gong, to people's surprise, has stood out."

Revealing genuine traditional Chinese culture has a far-reaching impact and significance

Students at the Seoul National University of Education will become Korea's future teachers. Dr. Ahn said, "I believe that Divine Performing Arts has shown people traditional Chinese culture. Some of the bad values and phenomena in China today have influenced Korea. The propaganda from the Chinese communist government has been spread to Korea as well. I believe most Koreans, if seeing today's show for the first time, will be greatly surprised and moved - just like I was."

He also said, "Many degenerate practices which are promoted by the Chinese government are being spread in Korea, such as the bureaucratic system, bureaucratic academic studies, bureaucratic culture, and so on. Therefore, I am surprised to see such a performance as the one shown today [by Divine Performing Arts]. These performances are quite meaningful. From a different perspective, I believe they [Divine Performing Arts] have been trying to show people genuine traditional Chinese culture. This show has far-reaching impact and significance."

A historic milestone in the recovery of the lost traditional Chinese culture

Dr. Ahn said, "It is hard to say which performance was most impressive to me, as all of them have left me with a good impression. In terms of the purpose of the whole performance, the shows hosted by the Chinese communist authorities obviously contain a certain influence of the Chinese government. However, in Divine Performing Arts' performance, they worked hard to discover and present to the people the true face of China. Though the Chinese authorities claim to present traditional culture, its foundation and approach is totally different from that of Divine Performing Arts.

"I feel that from the perspective of education in schools, it will take a lot of effort and time to restore the lost traditional Chinese culture in the overseas Chinese community. However, overall, Divine Performing Arts is shouldering tremendous pressure from the current Chinese government, and works so hard to strive forward. It has presents a world-class show. This in itself is a historic milestone."

Recovering the true face of traditional Chinese culture

Dr. Ahn continued, "I have seen a phenomenon form over the past decade. No matter whether it is in the overseas Chinese communities of Korea and Taiwan or other overseas Chinese communities in the world, the cultures in Korea, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese societies have deviated because of the negative influence from China. What they have now is not traditional Chinese culture. This phenomenon has been continuing. From this particular standpoint, the body of China is deteriorating badly.

"Fundamentally, no matter where one lives - in Taiwan or other places in the world, every Chinese person needs to try to restore the real Chinese culture; only in this way can the deteriorated culture from the Chinese Communist Party's rule be eradicated."

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