Outlining the Brutal Persecution at Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp

Zhang Jiuhai, Beijing Pinggu County Dafa practitioner, was illegally detained many times after July 20th 1999. Zhang entered the Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp in August 2000 where he was brutally tortured, both physically and mentally. The collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have been “reconditioned” by the Chinese authorities] from the second division, urged on by vicious police officers, used inhuman brutal punishments and tried force him to give up his faith. Led by Han Junqing, Zhao Lianzhong and Guo Jianxin, the collaborators twisted his hands behind his back, forcefully pushed him below the bed board and took turns beating him They hit his head and face with the soles of their shoes, causing his face to become bruised, red and swollen, and finally turn purple. They even put a stool under his legs, and then stomped down on his knees. This kind of brutal torture was more ruthless than the notorious "tiger bench" torture. At the same time, in order to prevent him from crying out, the collaborators gagged him and almost suffocated him to death. The second division collaborators used this same method to brutally persecute many Dafa practitioners, included Chen Gang, Cheng Wei, Wei Rutan and Duan Peichen, and others. The collaborators even mocked him, saying that this was "saving" him. Later, they used the method of sleep deprivation, and took turns to fill him with brainwashing lies. Even later yet, when they found all this had no effect, they sent him back to the Dispatch Division, which was known as a "hell on earth". After enduring three months of torture, he was sent back to the Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp. His term was already up but because he didn't give up his beliefs, it was unconstitutionally extended for eight more months.

Yang Shuqiang is a Dafa practitioner from Pinggu, Beijing. At the beginning of 2001 he was sent to Division No.3 of the Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp. There, under the instigation of evil police officer Yue Qingjin, the collaborators dragged the steadfast Dafa practitioners to the toilet, forced them to drink a whole wash basin of cold water, sometimes even dirty water, and then did not allow them to use the restroom. The vicious police authorities used such contemptible means to torture Dafa practitioners. Besides Yang Shuqiang, the other practitioners who suffered from such tortures are Hu Changan, Lu Shuming, and others. Once, the vicious police officers poured cold water into Yang's ears and did not stop until his ears started to bleed. The next day, Yang's ears were stuffed with cotton balls; moreover, his feet and legs were nearly broken from additional mistreatment. The doctors inspected his ears and found out that his hearing had already seriously deteriorated. The labour camp authorities tried to cover up this violent and injurious event. They quickly looked up Yang's complete medical history and tried to prove that his hearing had been damaged before he had arrived at the camp. Thus, the truth of their violent deeds could be covered up. However, the truth gradually came out and became known by all people throughout the labour camp. Later, Yang was transferred to Division No.2 . There, the wicked police officers used corporal punishment disguised as "training" on those who refused to give up practising Falun Gong. For example, the practitioners were forced to stand at "army corps" posture. (Under this abuse, practitioners are exposed under the scorching sun. Their feet are planted on the fiery ground. Facial skin peels off from sunburn. Practitioners are also forced to sit on the ground. Their buttocks are covered with sores from sitting for a long time), and they also must endure "march the parade step" (single leg stands, the other leg lifts up one foot high continuously for one hour). The practitioners were continuously "trained" for a very long time, even when it was time for rest. These vicious people also threatened, "Aren't you steadfast? Whoever can't stand any more, give in right now, otherwise you will have this kind of training every day!" Yang Shuqiang's family is very poor. His wife and two young children live in poverty. The wicked police officers verbally abused him with their set of notorious, evil manipulation, "Because you do not transform, your family will suffer from hardships. You do not have benevolence for them! I will fully punish you!" Afterwards, he was sent to Division No.5, and then to the "concentration team." At both places, he suffered the same brutal tortures. Recently, it was said that Yang's term was illegally extended by another ten months.

Cheng Wei is a Dafa practitioner from Haidian District, Beijing. In January 2001, he also was sent to the Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp. Because he refused to "transform" [give in to brainwashing and give up Falun Gong], the wicked police instigated the collaborators to carry out inhuman and brutal torture on this 20-year-old man. They forced him to squat in the corner by a wall, every day for the whole day, until midnight. Because he refused to be brainwashed, the police authorities forced him to undergo the abuse and mistreatment called to "fly" (Stand with one's back against the wall, one's head dropped forward, and both hands pulled up from behind). If he could not withstand this, several collaborators would kick and beat him. Once, a collaborator even stepped on Cheng's chest with one foot. Later, they asked Cheng to write words against our Master, which he refused. As a result, the collaborators used needles to prick him. Many parts of his body were stung to the point that they bled. Afterwards, they used a more vicious method, which was to forcefully push him under the wooden bed board. One collaborator wrote Master's name on a piece of paper and put the paper under Cheng's feet to force him to step on it. While doing all this, they fiercely stepped on his knees and kicked his thighs, turning his thighs black and blue and causing bleeding injuries. At that time, his loud and painful cries could be heard throughout the entire hallway. In order to silence him, they used the floor scrubbing rag to gag his mouth. Simultaneously, they also used the toothbrush handle to implement a so-called "open the lock" torture whereby the toothbrush handle was inserted in between his fingers. Then they would press on the fingers and rotate the toothbrush handle. According to a witness, Cheng's fingers were mangled so severely that there was blood and flesh mixed together. In addition, he was not allowed to sleep for five consecutive days. The collaborators took turns trying to brainwash him. As soon as he closed his eyes they would wake him up. Once, he reported the maltreatment to the team head and warden. The wicked police chief, Ni not only did not stop the perpetrators, but also used electric batons to hit his forehead and ears. On top of the abuse, Ni also reprimanded Cheng.

Lu Weidong, Dafa practitioner and Tongji University graduate, is an engineer in a Shanghai Architectural Design Research Institute. At the beginning of 2001, he went to Beijing to validate Dafa. He was later sentenced 1-1/2 years in a forced labour camp. In the camp he suffered from all kinds of insults from the collaborators. Nearly every day he was brainwashed without stopping, even during lunch break. In the evenings he was not allowed to sleep. The thug guards took turns to talk to him. They also forced him to read the materials that slander Dafa. If he refused, they would punish him by having him squat among basin stands. Because he did not write the "written guarantee" to give up practising Falun Gong, the wicked police authorities frequently threatened him, "If you do not write the guarantee, we will send you to the "concentration team," or the "dispatch division." He was not even slightly scared or shaken. He was imprisoned in both Division No.2 and No.3. The officers from Division No.2 punished him by forcing him to stand for a long time, or stand at "army corps" posture. In Division No.3, he also did the heavy manual labour of digging ditches, which was set up especially for the practitioners who refused to give in. By the end of 2001, together with several other steadfast practitioners, as a participant in a team to be forcibly brainwashed, they locked him in the west building of the camp. He has been persistent in his righteous belief and his understanding of Falun Dafa. He has not written any guarantee to give up practising the Fa(principles of Falun Dafa).

Wu Jun is a practitioner from Beijing. In April 2000, he was arrested for validating Dafa, and was sentenced one year in a forced labour camp. In the camp he experienced all kinds of physical and mental maltreatment and insults. In Division No.3, in order to "transform” him, the wicked police officers hit his face until it turned black and blue. Later, he was sent to the "concentration team" where he suffered five months of torture. The wicked personnel once handcuffed him onto an iron bar and violently shocked him with an electric baton. After many brutal tortures like this, Wu Jun was no longer the energetic, healthy young man that he was when he arrived. In April 2001, his term was illegally extended for another six months. By the end of October 2001, the extended term was already over. Although released from the labour camp, he was sent to a detention centre. His situation in the detention centre is unknown.

Wei Rutan works at the Chinese Ministry's Railways Design Institute. He is one of the most longstanding practitioners who suffered from the persecution at the Tuanhe Labour Camp. In December 1999 he went to Tiananmen Square to clarify the truth about Dafa. He was arrested and sentenced to one year in a forced labour camp. Later, his terms were unconstitutionally extended twice, in December 2000 and in May 2001, respectively. Earlier, the labour camp authorities had once concocted a fake case of the numbers of the so-called "transformed." He was on that list. Some people mistakenly thought that he was brainwashed and had been "transformed" to give up practising the Fa. At that time, under shock of the wicked police's many electric batons and also from heavy psychological pressure, he had said some compromising words. Afterwards, though, he stated his steadfast and firm position in Dafa. He is an introverted person, not very good at words, who suffered the full brunt of the evil collaborators' humiliation tactics. Instigated by wicked police officers, many collaborators from Division No.2 tied up his legs and tied his arms behind his back. They bent his body forward and tied his neck to his calves. The evildoers described this torture as "to stretch the muscles." They took off his shoes and socks, and whipped his arches with the soles of their shoes. Wei was unable to walk normally for many days. After they had beaten him, the collaborators dragged him to suffer another torture called "swimming in a tube," trying to force him to curse Master and Dafa. When he had just entered the labour camp in 1999, he was very strong and full of energy. Two years of brutal persecution caused his body to become emaciated, hunchbacked and nearly lifeless.

This is strong proof that Tuanhe Forced Labour Camp is a vicious force disguised as a " civilised re-education labour camp."

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