Police Savagely Torture Practitioner Ms. Lu Chunyun from Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province Who Once Donated 60,000 Yuan to Build an Overpass

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Lu Chunyun from Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province, donated 60,000 yuan1 in 1998 to build an overpass. The police have once again tortured her and she is now emaciated. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials in Liaoyuan City also plan to try eight other practitioners in the near future.

Ms. Lu Chunyun worked at the Liaoyuan Nursing School. She suffered from numerous illnesses before she started Dafa practice in 1996. Dafa completely cured her and continuously improved her health and raised her moral character. When the Liaoyuan City government asked for public donations for the construction of an overpass in 1998, Lu Chunyun anonymously donated all of her 60,000 yuan. A memorial stone tablet bearing the names of donors include one "anonymous" person. Later [when people at last learned that she was the "anonymous" donor], they respected her for her selfless act, and her story was also published in the May 18th, 1998, issue of Liaoyuan Daily News. Nevertheless, this good person has been persecuted for the past seven years.

Officers from Dongji Police Department in Liaoyuan City barged into Ms. Lu’s home on the afternoon of June 17th, 2003, and ransacked it. They also arrested and detained her. When she confronted them they said, "We are tools of the Communist Party; we are here to persecute you!" She said, "You are the people’s police! You should use your powers to suppress bad people, not good people like us!" The police said, "We're supposed to beat you guys. We just do our job and don't think about it."

Ms. Lu was savagely tortured at the Dongji Police Department. The first day the police beat her for a while and then took her to a large downstairs room. They handcuffed and shackled her, struck her to the floor, pulled her up by her hair, and resumed beating her. When they grew tired of beating her, they stomped on her and hit her with wooden two-by-fours. They tried to force her to kneel. When she refused, they stomped on her. The torture lasted until past 2:00 a.m., until the police were exhausted.

The next day they wrapped her head in a plastic bag and closed the opening so Ms. Lu could not breathe. They beat and kicked her. The third day, the police brought a large bucket of water and repeatedly submerged her head in the water, each time longer than the last. They pulled her head up and poured vinegar essence into her nose while covering her mouth.

By the fourth day Lu Chunyun’s eyes had sunk into their sockets. Her tormentors made her squat in a dirty, wet place; her body was covered in dirt and water. In the morning a police department driver shot her more than 20 times with plastic pellets from a toy gun. In the afternoon, officers Jiang Yang and Li Bin violently kicked Ms. Lu in the back from both sides until she fell down. They pulled her up by her hair and kicked her again.

They also kicked her handcuffed hands. By the fifth day Ms. Lu could not stand up. Someone brought a chair and told her to sit. Officer Jiang Yang sat across from her and rubbed her ankles back and forth with his hard boots until the skin peeled off. He burned her legs with lighted incense, causing more than 20 large blisters. He poured lighter fluid from a cigarette lighter into a water bottle, lit it and burned her arms, again leaving her with large blisters.

On the sixth day, female section head Lan from the Liaoyuan City Police Department and Dai Jilu, also from the city police department, arrived and made Lu Chunyun stand in various humiliating and tiring positions. They also tied her with a rope, hung her up, and beat her for six more days. They put her on a Tiger Bench. After she was held at the detention centre for four months, Ms. Lu Chunyun was sentenced to two years of forced labour on October 14th, 2003.

Lu Chunlun was arrested again the evening of April 22nd, 2006, when she was distributing leaflets exposing the persecution. Participating in the arrest were Han Dong, head of the Dongji Police Department, and other officers. Ms. Lu was tied to a metal chair for a whole day at the police department. Officers Lian Weihua, Jiang Yang and others questioned her about the source of the materials, but she refused to answer them. Lian Weihua said, "There is no need for a written record; she won’t tell us anything!" He kicked her viciously four times in her chest before leaving.

Lu Chunyun was taken to a detention centre and the officials took the 320 yuan she carried with her. She went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution, and Luo Dongmei and Hong, head of the detention centre, force-fed her several times. Now emaciated, Ms. Lu is extremely weak. Zhang, the detention centre doctor, and guard Luo still shackle her and force-feed her.

Liaoyuan City National Security agents and police officers arrested more than 30 practitioners during April and May 2006. Some practitioners were sent to labour camps, some were released after a period of detention, and nine practitioners are still held at a detention centre.

Practitioner Zhao Lianli was sentenced to five years in prison. Party officials filed charges against practitioners Lu Chunyun, Ms. Xiang Lijie, Zhao Yan, Ms. Liu Xiangzhuo, Luan Aijun, Ms. Zhang Shunhong, Liu Quanxing, and Ms. Wang Xiangren at the Longshan District Court and are planning to stage a trial in the upcoming days.

These practitioners were not arrested at the same time or in the same location. They don’t even know each other and didn’t provide any "confessions." The officials have fabricated numerous interrogation records and charged the practitioners with "organising to interfere with the administration of law," despite absence of any evidence. The Procuratorate rejected the charges based on lack of evidence. The police made up more lies and false evidence and re-filed the charges, calling the practitioners "a criminal group." Gao Yusheng and Lan Yuqin from the Liaoyuan City National Security Bureau tapped practitioners’ phones and followed them.

These practitioners held a hunger strike to protest their illegal arrest, detention and prosecution. Detention centre head Hong savagely beat them, and some practitioners were brutally force-fed.

Officials and organisations that personally persecuted practitioners:

Longshan Police Station at the Liaoyuan City Police Department
Han Dong, police station head: 86-437-3225471
Lian Weihua, deputy head: 86-437-3225683, 86-437-3228649
Pi Fuguo, head of the Liaoyuan City 610 Office: 86-437-3311714 (work)

Liaoyuan City Police Department Detention Centre
Main office: 86-437-3513414
Zheng Lizhong, detention centre head: 86-13180956777
Hong Meidong, detention centre head: 86-13604376333
Zhang Qiyun, political head: 86-13943702707
Hou Changzhou, Liaoyuan City Police Department head, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong: 86-13351560007

Longshan District Court in Liaoyuan City
Main switchboard: 86-437-3222544, 3253520, 3253521, 3253522, 3253523
Head of court: 86-437-3225785
Deputy head: 86-437-3225618, 86-437-3231615
Liaoyuan City Intermediate Court in Jilin Province
Main switchboard: 86-437-3520410, 3520411, 3520412, 3520414
Liaoyuan City Judicial Bureau
Address: No 88 Great Beishou Street, Zip code:136200
Head office: 86-437-3260799
Deputy head: 86-437-3222347, 3225054


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2006/12/10/144340.html

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