Three Practitioners from Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning Provinces Missing for Many Years

Ms. Wu Jing missing for over seven years

Ms. Wu Jing, around 30 years of age, a Falun Gong practitioner from Baishanshi in Jilin Province, was employed at Baishanshi Tourism Office. She has been missing for more than seven years. Her husband has married another woman. Her child is still waiting for her to return home!

The last time I saw her was around the end of October 1999 at a Beijing railway station. She was followed by the security police from Baishanshi. When she saw me, she exchanged glances and nodded her head with a smile. I smiled back in return and walked to the toilet. A few minutes later she also entered the toilet with the police secretly following. With both of us inside, the police guarded the entrance from the outside. When I asked Wu Jing why she didn't try to escape, she replied that she didn't have a chance. The toilet windows were tightly nailed down and offered no avenue of escape. Although I wanted to help her, there just weren't any options either of us could think of. Silently, I waved goodbye to her. When I left the toilet, the police were still guarding the door at the entrance. I did not know our brief meeting would be a farewell meeting.

On January 2nd, 2007, once again took another trip to Beijing. I was arrested in Tiananmen Square. Among the policemen from Baishanshi that were present to escort us back, I recognised the officer that had followed Wu Jing. I also overheard one of the policemen enquiring if he had been penalised for mishandling a prior case. What case was he referring to? I had my own reservations and doubts. After I returned to Baishanshi, I was sent to the detention centre. At that time I asked practitioners that were imprisoned there about the whereabouts of Wu Jing. No one knew where she was. I was sentenced to forced labour for one and a half years with another ten additional months when the initial term was up. After my return, once again I started to enquire as to the whereabouts of Wu Jing from other practitioners. I was told she had been missing for several years.

To date, Wu Jing has been missing for more than seven years. An appeal is hereby made to the international community, as well as to all kindhearted people from around the world, to help stop this tragic, inhuman persecution and crimes against humanity—including organ harvesting—from taking place in Mainland China!

Heilongjiang practitioner Ms. Lu Jing missing for six years

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Lu Jing, 33 years old has been missing since the autumn of 2000. She was from Zhang Sheng Village, Xuan Hua County, Zhao Dong City, Heilongjiang Province. Her husband, Wang Zhenglong, has never stopped searching for her.

Liaoning Province Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Li Youhua's whereabouts not known

Three years ago, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Li Youhua from the Panjing area of Liaoning Province was arrested by the police while preparing leaflets exposing the persecution. Her husband had changed residences. He once said that he did not know where Li Youhua was. According to those he has spoken to, he also mentioned that she came home to celebrate the New Year. Her husband is not a practitioner. What he says and reveals could be unreliable.

One fellow practitioner visited her husband's home three weeks ago to look for her, but there was no one there. According to a neighbour, it's only on Fridays when her husband returns that they observe anyone in the house. Li Youhua's whereabouts remain unknown.

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