Germany: "It's too terrible; this kind of thing must not be allowed to continue"

“You’ve also come here, Christine. That’s wonderful!” Turning her head, on seeing me, she held my hand, with a smile in her eyes. Christine is a practitioner from Hannover. She has often come to Hamburger and participated in activities recently. On 30th of September 2006, she, with practitioners from Goettingen came and took part in an information day event held by local practitioners. She said, “I want to support the local practitioners because they have many things to do. In addition, I also want to tell local people the fact that selling organs illegally is happening right now in China.”

On Spitaler Strasse, practitioners laid out a table with exhibits and hung banners, calling on local people to condemn the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party, including removing organs from live Falun Gong practitioners, and to pay attention to the case of human rights lawyer, Gao Zhicheng who has been illegally detained by the CCP.

People were shocked when hearing about the atrocities of the CCP

People sign the petition condemning the atrocities of the CCP
Practitioners demonstrating the practice in front of banners protesting against the persecution

After reading the exhibition boards for a long time, a couple without saying anything signed the petition protesting against the atrocity of the CCP having removed organs from live people and then left.

Christine talked with several young people for a long time. She told me, “Today, there are a few people mentioning that they have seen Falun Gong practitioners participating in a parade during the Festival of Culture and their exhibition stall. They were deeply moved by this. Although their impression was in conflict with their own conventional thinking, I am obviously feeling that most people here have already understood the truth about Falun Gong. I came across a former student of mine. She graduated in 1999. On seeing me just now, she felt excited and asked: “Why are you in Hamburg?” She was surprised at my being here. Then I told her about Falun Dafa. She seriously listened to me and accepted a leaflet with interest.”

As the weather became stormy, I immediately pressed the newspapers and leaflets on the table. A gentle and kind man with glasses picked up a few bookmarkers blown to the ground and put them on the table. Turning over and reading all the materials on the table, his eyes were on a book. He turned over several pages thinking and then wrote something down. He said, “What I have written is: The action of stealing and removing organs must be stopped. Germany has a responsibility to stop such a thing. Germany should do something good for this world. We all should do something about it.”

After signing the petition, a young man told a practitioner, “I was in Beijing two weeks ago. I want a China where people can lead a happy life, so I have signed to protest against the persecution.”

When it was dusk, Christine came to say good bye to me, sighing with emotion, “The situation now can’t be compared with what it was three years ago. People all come wanting to know the truth. We have already done much but we still have much more to do.” In the setting sun, she waved her hand with her slim figure quickly vanishing among the stream of people.

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