Brainwashing Class Uses the Façade of a "Law School" to Kill Falun Dafa Practitioners

In the Haizhu District of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, on the ninth floor of Mrs. He Guirong Welfare Institute at Guangzhou Main Street South, is a brainwashing class that persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners. It is referred to as a so-called "law school." Here the evil people never follow any legal procedures, nor do they present any legal proof of charges brought against innocent Falun Dafa practitioners. Since April 2001, many practitioners have been persecuted here and Falun Dafa practitioners are still illegally detained for long terms.

In May 2001, practitioner Liu Shaobo was tortured to death in one of these brainwashing classes. Wang Yupei and Wang Qingmei, a father and daughter, have also been detained here for long terms. Since March of last year, the 610 Office, police station and Community Office abducted and detained all three people of their family. In the middle of April the father and daughter were transferred here. For nearly a year, the authorities prevented their family members from visiting them, and the father and daughter were not allowed to see each other. Last October, although Wang Qingmei could not afford to pay for the "accommodation fee," the authorities still forced her to come up with the money. To protest this inhumane treatment, Falun Dafa practitioners began a hunger strike once again. During the hunger strike, Falun Dafa practitioners were force-fed many times. Wang Qingmei was bound and injected with narcotics, causing her arms to become swollen. Additionally, three people covered her mouth, holding it shut and almost suffocating her. It is not hard to imagine how Liu Shaobo was tortured to death. We ask kindhearted people to become aware of this issue and join together to resist the evil persecution.

The address of the brainwashing class: Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, Haizhu District, Guangzhou Main Street South 1690, Mrs. He Guirong Welfare Institute ninth floor. Telephone: 86-20-84219584


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