Two Female Falun Gong Practitioners Tortured to Death in Jiutai City Detention Centre

In February 2002, two female Falun Gong practitioners who were teachers at Zuojia [governmental] Officials' School in Jiutai City, Jilin Province were detained at Jiutai City Detention Centre for distributing truth-clarifying materials and both were tortured to death there.

In early February, the two female practitioners had posted truth-clarifying materials in Nanwei Village, Tumenling Town in Jiutai City. Jiang, the Party secretary of Nanwei Village, was very frightened after discovering the truth-clarifying materials within his precinct, so he put up a 1000 Yuan [the average monthly income in rural China is 200 Yuan] reward for whoever captured the practitioners. Two thugs in the village who were around 50 years old went after the 1000 Yuan. After waiting for several days they were able to capture the two practitioners as they were again posting truth-clarifying materials. Jiang gave them the 1000-Yuan reward.

Then, Jiang and others began torturing the two women. The practitioners clarified the truth to them with benevolence, but the despicable officials' consciences could not be awakened. The practitioners were transferred to the Township Police Station and illegally detained. There, the two practitioners started a hunger strike to protest their illegal detention, and they were transferred to Jiutai City Detention Centre where they suffered inhuman tortures. Half a month later, one of the practitioners who was in her thirties died from the torture, and the other practitioner who was in her fifties was tortured to death two weeks after that.

Afterwards, through investigation, it was learned that these two female practitioners were teachers at Jiutai City Zuojia Officials' School. This incident is well known in the local community, and the people condemn the murderers.
As for the two thugs who captured the practitioners, one of them took home 500 Yuan, but his family treated him with repugnance. His son said, "You two caused two deaths just for 1000 Yuan. You can take this 500 Yuan and buy paper money and burn for yourself! [In China, paper money is used for the deceased.]"

The two practitioners had warm and happy families. Hereby, we want to solemnly warn those murderers who torture and kill Falun Dafa practitioners of the heavenly principle: goodness will be rewarded and evil deeds will be punished.


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